Monday, August 24, 2015

City of Vancouver Washington: Please care about the animals - BAN FIREWORKS NOW

It's been awhile since the National Headquarters of Dogs Against Fireworks (DAF) was open. Young Francesca came into our lives soon after the 4th of July mayhem ended here in Vancouver, my hometown. So I've been busy.

But I just have to say something on behalf of myself, Francesca, the 23,700 dogs licensed in Clark County and the 77,595 unlicensed dogs. We dogs can't vote. But we are the ones who suffer in a city where personal fireworks are allowed to wreak havoc in our neighborhoods and explode over our homes. I'm scared of noise and I'm scared of fire. We look to the Mayor and City Council to protect us, our owners and our homes.

Before the 4th of July, veterinarian's offices are filled with owners purchasing sedatives and tranquilizers for their dogs. Some dogs, especially older ones, shouldn't even be taking this medication. And sometimes it doesn't even work.

For over a week we dogs suffered due to the noise, light and smoke from fireworks set off by our  unthinking neighbors. Some of the scariest noises were many blocks away. It was so loud I curled up in my owner's shower in the tightest, safest ball that I could make for myself. A couple of weeks later, when it finally all ended, I breathed a sigh of relief and swore I'd find a place far, far away next year. I don't have the freedom to enjoy this national holiday in my own home. I can't invite dog friends over for a picnic or have special patriotic treats. We just cower in the corners, shake with fear and endure. 
Here I am hiding in the shower praying that it will stop!
I was in there so long, my owner put a blanket on the floor.

So I am upset to hear that our Mayor and City Council have not yet taken the leadership to protect the animals and vote for a complete ban on personal fireworks in Vancouver, Washington. 

I am upset when I hear them talk about sending the issue out to the public to vote. That would mean a delay of one year in implementing a ban.... TWO YEARS OF SUFFERING FOR THE ANIMALS!

Dear elected officials of Vancouver. Please consider us.

Be our voice, protect us and vote for AN IMMEDIATE PERSONAL FIREWORKS BAN for Vancouver.



Executive Director, Dogs Against Fireworks

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