Sunday, August 30, 2015

What do you do with a dog who suffers from Obsessive Squirrel Disorder

This is what she thinks she sees
It isn't easy living with a dog who suffers from OSD. Yes folks, that's Obsessive Squirrel Disorder.

Now I understand all about coonhounds and their prey instinct. After all, I have that too. But I know when enough... is enough.

Francesca does not!

First, let me tell you what it's like at home. We go out into the backyard and I, of course, take care of going potty. Francesca, on the other hand, may be crossing her legs and needing to go but the first thing she does is scan the trees. And, if a leaf moves, WATCH OUT! She ASSUMES it is a squirrel and goes nuts!

I, Cinnamon, only get wound up when I actually SEE a squirrel. I use the backyard for sunning, playing ball, digging for things and listening for people who might prove a threat to our peaceful home.
Here's Francesca looking
outside for a squirrel

Francesca is totally and obsessively looking for squirrels 24/7. And if she should see one, it only exacerbates her OSD. Jeesh!

And, at the dog park, the one that has squirrel trees, she has all but given up playing with other dogs. She won't trot around the trail like everyone else does. She heads for the stand of trees in the park and stays there the whole time.

This is what she does. She goes from one tree to the next. If she doesn't find a squirrel she repeats the process all over again. Sometimes she tries climbing on a sapling to see if she might just reach an elusive squirrel. And, if she doesn't find a squirrel she starts looking through the fence at the woods in the distance looking for squirrels. And if she sees one I have no doubt that she could scale the fence and go running after it (although, she'd never be able to catch the squirrel).

Here's the squirrel section of the dog park.
This is where Francesca hangs out.
So now you see what I put up with. Do they have a support group for families of dogs suffering from OSD? I would attend!

Anyone have any advice for me?

Love, frustrated Cinnamon


  1. I thinks I suffers from dat myself.

  2. Perhaps, Francesca just has a lot of puppy energy to burn.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon