Monday, June 8, 2015

Heat Wave: How to Keep Your Dog Cool

It's hot out. In the 90's! I know some of you don't think that's so warm but I do. I have lots of black fur and that absorbs heat. And, besides, I am middle-aged. So what can be done for dogs during warm weather? Here are some ideas:
Left to my own devices I can find the coolest, darkest spot in the house.
See how I'm all spread out? It's hot outside and we don't have A/C inside.
Water - leave plenty of cool water out for your dog.
Shade - make sure your dog has shade whether outside or inside. If it's really hot (your dog can tell you by panting or wanting inside) let your dog stay inside.
Cars - Never, ever leave your dog in a car during warm or semi-warm weather. It heats up fast in there. Just don't do it!
Cooling Products - There are cooling pads, cooling vests and even crate coolers for dogs. Here are some on I think I'd like a cooling pad if this weather doesn't let up!
Cool Snacks - Some dogs like ice or frozen treats to lick.
Kiddie Pool - Find a shady place in the back yard and fill up a kiddie pool with water.
Shady Walks - Confine your walks to shady parks. I start panting right away when we get out on concrete. You can also walk in the evening or early morning.

When I lived in Santa Fe we were only 15 miles from the mountain. We used to drive up the mountain and enjoy wading in the creek at one of the picnic stops. Sometimes we'd wade up the stream and I'd munch on the grass along the creek bank. I enjoyed that.
I like wading... but not swimming!

Here's what I'd really like to do during these hot days. I'd love to take off and go to the beach!
Here I am at the beach in the cool mist!

If your dog gets overheated you need to take it seriously. Here are symptoms and treatment of heat stroke.

Love, Cinnamon


  1. I don't deal well with the heat either buddy! These are some great tips, especially keeping us out of hot cars!


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