Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cinnamon's Visitor

Yesterday was very exciting. I had a visitor who came all the way from Arkansas to see ME!
It seemed like I waited forever and forever for my visitor
It was early afternoon when we got word that she was on her way. She had done some volkswalking in Olympia and then was headed south. It's too hot for me to have fun volkswalking. I just do regular walking in the summer.

After I waited what seemed like forever, she drove up in her silver race car! I was impressed!
I tried to teach Ruth Anne how to play keep away with the ball.
We had fun outside playing. I love having visitors. Ruth Anne's mother made my beautiful dog quilt that I keep in my crate.
This is another keep away move I know.
I had so much fun! Notice I don't let loose of the ball, even while I'm rolling around looking silly.
We played and played. I got tired and my visitor and owner decided to go out for lunch. I didn't mind because it was getting pretty warm out. I heard they went to the Farmer's Market because McMenamin's on the Columbia was too crowded.

I sure hope Ruth Anne comes back soon because I love having visitors like her!!!

Here's a picture of the quilt that Ruth Anne sent to me.
(You can also see my green toy and toy basket in the picture.)
Thanks Ruth Anne for coming to visit. If I ever get to Arkansas, I'll come see you!

Love, Cinnamon


  1. Thank you for the great blog, Cinnamon!! I loved playing with you even though you wouldn't give up the ball. I hope you come see me in Arkansas someday, but I'll warn you it's way hotter than Vancouver!!

  2. Glad ya had fun wif your visitor!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon