Saturday, October 25, 2014

Preparing your Dog for Moving: A Dog's Perspective

I've been house hunting for a couple months now. Sometimes I see a house that would be perfect for me but we don't even make an offer on it. No one explains it to the dog!
She'd better not leave without ME! I don't know what's going on!

Sometimes we make an offer on a house that seems perfect. And then my owner says there is something wrong with it? No one explains it to the dog!

So now something is going on and I don't know what it is. We are packing but no one shows me the new house or the backyard. There seems to be a big waiting game. No one explains it to the dog!

We go to Home Depot to look at carpeting. I have fun playing with the guy wearing a pink watch. But we haven't ordered the carpet yet. No one explains it to the dog!

I'm sleeping in strange places nowadays
I am confused. We have packed some breakables. Pictures have been taken off the wall. The curio cabinet is empty. The plants in the backyard have been moved. It's unsettling. I'm showing the stress. I sleep in strange places. Sometimes it is at the top of the stairs where I can watch her. Sometimes it is by the door so she can't leave without me. Today she found me sleeping in her closet. I've never ever slept there before. In fact, I'm not allowed in her bedroom!

I'm scared. Will I be left behind? These are the tough times for Cinnamon. I just want to be settled SOMEWHERE!

It is important, that during a move, the dog is informed. It is important that schedules are not changed and the dog's bed is still there in the right place. It is important that play time with toys and trips to the dog park continue. 

And in the new house, it is important that your dog's things are put in place first!

My crate is important to me. If we move, it had better be there!

So what can I do? I just want to be settled. I have started feeling sorry for myself.

So I went on the Internet and looked at what was going on with my peers. I read about a German Shepherd pining away for his owner who didn't come home. His owner was the soldier that was killed in Ottawa, Canada .... So unfair.

I read about a black an tan coonhound that lost one eye yet was watching squirrels with the other one right after his surgery. Could there be dogs who have it worse than I do? Yes, I believe there are.

But I am Cinnamon and I still feel unsettled!

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  1. I been thru dat movin stuff before, it are not too much fun.


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