Friday, October 3, 2014

Trying a New Healthy Dog Food #PawNatural

I love getting food in the mail!
I've been trying a new dog food. I received a sample to try before the product was even available. They wanted MY opinion.

Well, before I even tasted the sample Canine PowerFood, a new holistic dog food developed by Only Natural Pet (ONP), I was pretty impressed. This dog food is 100% natural, allergy friendly (meaning it shouldn't cause any allergy symptoms) and it is made in the USA. Good stuff, I thought.

I didn't used to care what was in my food. As long as it tasted good and smelled good, I gobbled it up. I'd eat anything! But now that I am over 6 years old, I'm being more careful. I want to continue to be healthy and live as long as I can. There are squirrels to chase and frogs to scare, you know!

Good Stuff for Good Pets!
I read all about the new food before even trying a little bit. It is a kibble and was formulated by a holistic veterinarian. The information that came with the food told me that Canine PowerFood is packed  with  protein,  amino  acids  and  essential  fatty  acids,  the  PowerFood™  also  contains  low‐glycemic  carbohydrates  like garbanzos  and  lentils  (which  are  sourced  from  farms  in  Minnesota  and  Wisconsin  and  offer  healthy,  long  lasting  energy  without  spiking  blood  sugar)  and  fruits  and  vegetables  that  offer  whole  food  sources  of  important  vitamins  and  minerals.

They infuse the kibble with their ONP PowerBoost blend; a raw, freeze-dried combo with powerful superfoods like green lipped mussels, sea cucumber, pumpkin, probiotics and digestive enzymes. 
Now I don't understand all of that nutritional information but it sounded downright healthy!  I had to be careful, though, food changes shouldn't be done all at once. I sampled a bit of the kibble. It smelled great and, as you might guess, I gobbled it up!

But I didn't get a full bowl right away. I was careful how I transitioned. First I had the taste... yep! But then for dinner, I got a bowl of food made up with 3/4 of my regular food and 1/4 with the new Canine PowerFood™.

We did that for a couple of days. After that, since I was doing well on the food, I started having half portion of the old food and half a portion of the new food and did that for a couple of days. And finally, since I was doing just fine, I got a whole bowl of Canine PowerFood™.

It's important to change food gradually. Some dogs take longer because they have sensitive stomachs. Most dogs are ready to have 100% of a new food after about 10 days.
Here's the best way to transition to a new food. Click on this to enlarge the graphic.
I tried the poultry feast with chicken and turkey So far, so good. It's delicious. I haven't taken off like a rocket quite yet, but I'm waiting. Meanwhile I feel pretty good and had a great romp with my Country Cousins when I visited this past weekend. I ran around the house. I ran around the pasture and had a great time. I wonder if they should be eating Canine PowerFood™. They are older than me and could use a little bit of get up and go!

Here's a video that will tell you all about the food I am trying. You might want to try some Canine PowerFood too. It will be available to the public in just a few days. It is available for  purchase  exclusively from All Natural Pet, Pet 360 and Pet Food Direct. Right now you can even order a sample from All Natural Pet. They are taking pre-orders. The food will be available on October 6th (that's right around the corner!)

I love testing out new foods. Because I LOVE TO EAT!

This post is sponsored by All Natural Pet and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I, Cinnamon, am being compensated for helping spread the word about All Natural Pet, but Coonhound Tales only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. All Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.

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