Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Country Club Drama: Cinnamon Gets it in the Face

Here's the entrance to my Country Club
You would think that my Country Club stays would be all about fun and pampering. But in reality, there are some major challenges... challenges in affable facades. Let me tell all! (grab a cup of tea for this one.)

I had been at my Country Club for three days when the tide turned. I'd been playing with the puppies and the elder dogs, and resting too. Life was good. I got two squares and all the water I could drink. People played with me. Life was good.

Enter Goldie, the Golden Retriever. Goldie was one of those two faced Beverly Hills type dogs. Innocent on the outside.. only. She was a blue blood and probably had papers (I only have a rabies certificate!). She acted nice so she had the people fooled.

On Sunday, I was sitting next to Goldie minding my own business watching the younger dogs play. She was sitting there in all her blonde glory basking in the sunlight. The people thought she was so sweet. They petted her and brushed her golden hair. She was the darling of the play yard. Well, that's because they couldn't understand what she said. She was a two faced gossip. People don't understand dog language, that's for sure.

Goldie? Innocent? NOT!

Here's a gang of Mexican street dogs.
Goldie insisted that I was once part of this gang.
All of a sudden she started talking to me. And it wasn't pretty. She said she heard that I was nothing but a street dog from Mexico. What? I was from NEW MEXICO! She was really mean.

She taunted me and went on to suggest that I must be part of a Mexican dog treat cartel... Dealing in illegal dog treats. A Mexican dog treat cartel! Imagine!

Yo soy una buena perra! I am a good dog! I follow most all laws... really!

Then she started to tell me my nails were too long. I gave her "the look."

I think she was just trying to start something. She kept taunting me, insulting my heritage and my homeland. I had enough and told her to shut up! Cállate, I said.

See... New Mexico is in the US!
And that's when she growled and lunged for me. Of course she made sure no one was watching first. She took a nip out of the side of my face! Ouch! That me me mad! So I nipped her ear. :) She didn't like that and whined to the people in charge.

They ran over and looked at both of us. There was blood on both of us. I required first aid. They put hydrogen peroxide on my wound and it stung.  And they told me it was MY fault.. It certainly wasn't. She started it!

We were separated. No big loss, I thought. I think she was jealous because I am a celebrity. I am a well known blogger.  She was also jealous because word got around that I was getting a spa treatment before I went home.
Here's what Goldie did to me. Click on the photo to enlarge it. You can see the scar on my cheek. :(

By yesterday I felt just fine. The swelling had gone down and, luckily, Goldie's owners picked her up. (I saw their Mercedes drive up the long drive to the Club.) My spa appointment time came. The people came and took me to the spa room. They had a fancy tub with sweet smelling shampoo. I told them I might need a facial after what happened to me. BUT ALL THEY WERE GOING TO DO IS GIVE ME A BATH! I put up with it and they washed all the dust out of my coat. I came out shiny and smelling gorgeous. I am sure Goldie didn't have it so good!

So when my owner arrived yesterday afternoon I was really glad to see her. I was shiny and smelled great. The lady in the office showed her my wound and told her version of the Goldie vs. Cinnamon story. But I am sure my owner BELIEVES ME!

I got home and was so worn out from all that drama, I just went straight to bed.

Love, Cinnamon, the good dog.


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