Friday, October 17, 2014

Long Beach Peninsula, Washington: Why Dogs Love It There

Vegas will tell you everything you need
to know about vacationing
on the Long Beach Peninsula
I'm biting my tongue as I write this. While I was at the Doggie Country Club (getting bitten in the cheek) my owner was having a fabulous time AT THE BEACH. And she had the nerve to show me the pictures

I've been to the beach several times and love it, love it, love it! First I stayed at the dog-friendly Adrift Hotel right by the Boardwalk and Discovery Trail. And then I got to luxuriate at the Lighthouse Oceanside Resort where I had my own room and quick access to the beach where I could scare the seagulls.

I had a great time. But now I am itching (don't worry... I am flea-free) to go back. Here's what I found out about The Long Beach Peninsula.

The first thing you'll notice is that they are VERY DOG FRIENDLY. When you arrive at the Visitor's Center you will most likely be greeted by Vegas, the boxer. He is one of the volunteers there. In fact they call him their "Barketing Director!" Vegas greets everyone and makes sure they leave with plenty of brochures and good tips on visiting the Long Beach Peninsula. Once he was nominated for Volunteer of the Month. But he didn't win because there are some marvelous and knowledgeable volunteers competing with him.

The next thing you'll notice is that the Long Beach Peninsula has a golf course... a very special golf course. The Peninsula Golf Course allows dogs! Dogs area allowed to walk on the course and even to ride in the golf carts. In nice weather dogs can relax on the patio of the Cove Restaurant with their owners and enjoy a sandwich or a beer. Their special dog is named Hunter. He is rather elderly, but still enjoys a ride on a golf cart. He sent me his autographed photo. Thank you, Hunter! The Peninsula Golf Course is open year  'round.

Hunter likes to ride in golf carts!
My owner also found out that there are CRANBERRY DOGS at the beach. At Starvation Alley Farms, an organic cranberry farm, there are a couple of really active dogs who run and play while their owners work to raise cranberries for their famous juice. Starvation Alley “Cranberry for Concoctions” cranberry juice contains no additives or sweeteners and is fresh pressed every month. 

Here's the Cranberry Dog Pack socializing by the cranberry bog.
There are two Starvation Alley bogs that are farmed. When the dogs got together with the dogs from the Adrift Hotel's family, things were great fun. There was a cranberry harvest going on and all the dogs were watching, playing and having a wonderful time. Cranberry harvest is fun for dogs (and people too!). 

The head Cranberry Dog supervises the harvest.
And then there are ORGANIC FARM DOGS. Out at Biocharm Farms, where they believe that "soil is everything," there is a little soil colored dog who loves to visit with people in the garden. He's a dusty coal color so I think he got into the BioChar they have there! It's an interesting place to visit and to learn about organic farming and soil enrichment techniques. Maybe you'll  get to visit the hen house. Hey have some HUGE chickens there.

Here's the BioChar dog. He owns the organic farm!
So the Long Beach Peninsula isn't just about running on the beach. There are lots of things to do and see and dogs can go too! When you go, stop in at the Visitors Center and say hi to Vegas for me!

More Information
Long Beach Visitors Center

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