Sunday, October 5, 2014

House Hunting Cinnamon Style: Trees are a Good Thing

Well, last week was a busy one in the house-hunting process. We drove by to see the house that we made an offer on. I didn't get out of the car but got to check out the neighborhood during our drive-by. Here is what I saw:

I'd love living on a cul de sac with neighbors who take care of their homes.
(they even put the garbage out on time!)

Now this is promising. A park right across the street!
Here's the house. It has its own trees, a big fenced yard and a front porch (portal).
But does it have squirrels? Only time will tell!

I am keeping my paws crossed that this will be my new house. I noticed it has a fireplace. I'll bet I'd look good all curled up in front of a warm fireplace. But I think what I'd like best is being settled and looking up at ALL THOSE TREES!

Love, Cinnamon

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