Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Country club shenanigans lead to a trip to the vet

Hi, it's me Francesca. I just got home yesterday from the Doggie Country Club where Cinnamon and I stay when our owner goes out of town. It's a great place where I can play, roll in the dirt and get fed on time. What more could a dog want?
Here it is... our Country Club.
Well, I have a tale to tell. The day before we went home I was moving toward Cinnamon and she saw me out of the corner of her eye. All of a sudden she whirled around snarling. I don't know what happened but she thought I was going to steal something from her. Her teeth were bared and she growled at me. I just stood there in awe. Come to find out that was a big mistake. She knashed her teeth and lunged toward me. And, she caught a piece of my face in her huge canine tooth.

It was right under my eye. Her bite tore a little hole in my face. The lady at the Country Club called to us... "Break it up girls... stop that right now!"  And Cinnamon stopped.

Nobody looked at my injury. Nobody seemed to see that, under the broken skin it was all red and ugly. I slinked off to bed to soothe myself.

The next day our owner arrived to pick us up. Cinnamon trotted out like nothing ever happened. I sniffed around the reception area hoping to find some loose kibble so no one noticed my swollen sore.

That night we had dinner, played in the yard and were happy to be home. I was lying on the couch and my owner looked at me. "What happened Francesca? Poor girl," she said. She couldn't really tell how bad the injury was but it was puffy. She called the Country Club and asked if they had seen it. They said no.
This is my hurt face before the skin fell off. It's ugly.
So that brings us to today. This morning the skin fell off the sore and everyone could see that it was red and puffy. So off to the vet we went. I was excited and trotted right in. I noticed they had some gorgeous new treat jars! They were stainless steel with pet designs on them. The nice ladies got me a treat right away!
Here's my eye after the torn skin fell off. Feel sorry for me!
Then it was time to see the doctor. I never like to see the doctor. He looked at my eye and pressed it. "Hmmmm," he said. Turns out he suspected a little infection had started. He prescribed antibiotics for me. Now I don't mind medicine because I always get my medicine wrapped in something DELICIOUS!

This afternoon I laid in the yard in the sun with my sore face turned upwards. I think it helps the healing. I know I feel better.

Hi everyone. It's me, Cinnamon. I DIDN'T DO IT! She just hit her face on something and made up the whole sordid tale to get me in trouble. I'M INNOCENT!
I didn't do anything!

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