Thursday, April 21, 2016

Advice to Dogs: What to do if you hear thunder

Everyone knows I hate fireworks. But there are fireworks in the sky sometimes related to weather.

Last night I heard a big boom and crack and headed for my bunker (aka the master shower) and then when I heard more.... I sought even greater protection.

I gathered up Francesca and we both headed for the garage. We scratched at the door to the garage and our owner opened it for us. Then we both wanted in the car. So our owner let us in. Francesca immediately went for her crate which we keep in the car and I, smart dog that I am, headed for the drivers seat and waited for the keys!
Here I am in the drivers' seat.
Francesca wanted to go in her crate.
So why did we want to get in the car? Well, according to, "A fully-enclosed, all-metal vehicle is very safe, but don't touch interior metallic areas on a vehicle, Richard Kithil, president of the National Lightning Safety Institute, said. The lightning charge goes around the outside of the vehicle, creating a Faraday effect and protecting the occupants inside."

We were so comfortable there that we stayed there even after the storm passed. Our owner had to coax us out with treats!

Now, of course I knew that and that's why we wanted into the car! Now that's one good place to hide in a thunderstorm but between you and me.... just go hide where you feel safe. That's the trick.

Love, Cinnamon

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