Saturday, April 23, 2016

Francesca's Squirrel and Rabbit Volksmarch

Today, I Francesca, went on a volksmarch put on by the Vancouver USA Volkssporters right here in Vancouver where I live. I got excited as we drove across town. We pulled up in front of Clark College. That's a place with lots of trees and grass... ripe hunting grounds for rabbits and squirrels.
Here's where the bunnies live. They are probably educated bunnies!
My owner made me stay in the car while she registered. This was a special event with four 5K loops. I requested the one with the most bunnies and squirrels on it... that was the green route. They had marked it with arrows and ribbons.

Finally I got out of the car and we were off.... The first thing I saw was a bunny in the grass, right behind the start/finish point. Woah! This was a GOOD volksmarch! But, since it was 5K, we had to keep walking.
Here's the old cemetery where the disrespectful squirrels live
Soon we arrived at an interesting old cemetery. It was a the old City Cemetery that was established in 1867. Now cemeteries are supposed to be quiet but this one had some very lively squirrels in it. I pulled and wanted to go chase them. But my owner kept me behind a fence so I couldn't go hunting. I suppose it would be disrespectful to the people who were buried there. So we kept walking.

Here I am trying to get into the cemetery to
chase the squirrels.
We walked to a park with several squirrels. I barked and pulled and howled my head off. I have to say, I was really annoying. So we kept walking.
Here's where I want to go eat sometime.
We saw an ice cream place called Igloo. I loved the retro look and thought, perhaps, we could stop for an ice cream! But it was closed. I noticed there was a patio in front where, hopefully, dogs can sit with their owners for a burger and shake. Sometime....
Here's that retro bowling sign.
And, we saw a retro bowling alley sign too. Vancouver has some interesting history, both old and not so old. I liked the Igloo restaurant the best and told Cinnamon all about it.
There were overgrown yards with flowers.
I knew interesting things lived in the weeds and grass there.
But then it was off to finish the walk. We were on Mill Plain Blvd. which was lined with huge trees. And you know what lives in trees, right? SQUIRRELS! I made a fool of myself once again barking at a squirrel and pulling on my leash. I was getting tired. It felt like a 10K by then!
So I didn't get to go chase ANYTHING and we were finished with the walk. I was so tired... mostly from pulling on my harness and barking at the wildlife. But I did get credit on my volksmarch list! Thank you Vancouver, USA Volkssporters!

When I got home Cinnamon was all full of energy and wanted to play. I felt sorry for her so played with her a little bit and told her about the ice cream place. But now... I just want to take a nap.

Love, Cinnamon

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