Sunday, April 17, 2016

Recovering from the Country Club

By now you all know that when our owner goes out of town to a place that doesn't allow dogs, we get shipped off to the Doggie Country Club. Now Francesca and I love it there. We rush right in and don't even say good-bye to our owner.

So what happens at this place? Well, there are 20 - 50 dogs there at any given time and we play with a select group. What's a select group? Well, they pick the dogs for us. The last day we were there Francesca and I played with a "Doodle" dog and had so much fun. I've always liked dogs with curly hair.

When our owner came to get us we were really dirty from playing. Well, Francesca was dirtier than I was because she just doesn't care! When we got home we had our dinner and went to bed early. We were tired!
Lazing around the deck - in recovery!
So the next day, was recovery day. We just lazed around in the sun. I am sure glad we're home. Sometimes boring is very restful and that's just what I needed!

Love, Cinnamon

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