Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Open Letter to Vancouver USA: To the Mayor, to the City Council and to my fellow Citizens

Executive Director
Dogs Against Fireworks
Dear Vancouver:

Last night I received the news that the Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to ban personal fireworks in 2017. I am thrilled with the news and hope that a strong educational campaign and good enforcement plan will ensue.

If anyone has missed what we went through during the "2015 Season of Terror," just click on the July archives from this blog. It's all there in gory details. I can't read it. It brings the terror back. I and all the pets of Vancouver are rejoicing. I'm sure my friends don't like being drugged for a week during 4th of July and I certainly don't want to go through building a bunker in a shower like I did this year. (I have to admit I was still scared).

I want to publicly thank Mayor Leavitt and the entire Vancouver City Council for caring enough about the health and safety (and sanity) of the people of our city (and, of course the pets).

Cruel People
I've been reading the comments in The Columbian today. There are many cruel people out there who don't care. They say they will shoot them off anyway. That it is their right. Why is it their right to do things that terrify us? Why is it their right to set things off that might cause our home to burn down? I don't understand that. Don't I have a right to a fear-free life? That's what my owner is trying to provide for me.

Fund Raisers
There are also people out there who think their rights to raising funds for schools and charities are being curtailed. Well, yes! Why would you want to sell something that might harm children and burn down people's homes. Plus, why would you want to sell something that SCARES PEOPLE AND DOGS?
How can people, in good conscience, sell these things.
I think pets have rights too. That is why we have organizations like the Southwest Washington Humane Society. They believe we have a right to a home, food and a cruelty-free life. And they are the ones to take in the animals who are running scared on the streets on the 4th of July... those that make it, anyway.

I believe I have a right to be in my own backyard over the 4th of July week. I believe I have a right to be medication free. I believe I have a right to join my family for a friendly picnic and not hear the POP, BOOM, BANG of terrifying fire works.

With rights comes social responsibility.

I believe that Vancouver USA cares. And I thank you.

Love, Cinnamon

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