Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Truth is Out!

Well, I didn't do too well getting out of the garage with the car so guess where Francesca and I ended up? You guessed it... the Doggie Country Club a.k.a boarding.

I'm not allowed to use their Internet so am in their front office for just a moment writing this.

It was rainy today and we got muddy playing! Our owner wouldn't like that! So now we are bedded down for the night.

Francesca and I share a room with our own back yard. We have separate beds and one doggie door to the outside.

It's really ok. But I'd rather be out on the open road on a pet-friendly ROAD TRIP!

Here's the Country Club office all decorated for harvest:

The entrance to our country club.
Well, that's about it. It's time for lights out. Francesca is already snoring. I'd better get back to our room before they find out I'm using their WiFi!

Love, Cinnamon

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