Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Olympic Peninsula of Washington: Very Dog Friendly

I love hiking and exploring!
There’s a lot to do with your canine friend on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. National Forests, State Parks and County Parks love us dogs. Just keep us on leashes and pick up after us and you’ll be invited back time after time. The Olympic Peninsula Visitors Bureau just announced their Dog Friendly Page!

When I visited the Olympic Peninsula, we drove from the Kitsap Peninsula, across the Hood Canal Bridge to the Olympic Peninsula and started exploring. I got to see totem poles at the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe’s art gallery near SequimThey have a nice parking lot with carvings and views of the bay. 

Last year I got to stay at the beautiful Kalaloch Lodge right on the ocean. I climbed over driftwood on the beach and waited patiently for a bit of salmon when my owner returned from dining in their restaurant. Since we had our own cabin with a carport, things were really convenient. I even saw a rabbit on the lawn outside our sliding glass door.

When my owner dined at Kalaloch,
I got some tastes of salmon afterward!
Oh yes, we got to visit Forks, setting of the Twilight Series books, and I posed in front of Bella’s truck! They have a Timber Museum there and plenty of grassy spots for me to walk around.

There is much more for me to see on the Olympic Peninsula. Now, I still can’t go hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest because it is in the National Park (National Parks are different from National Forests), but there are places in Olympic National Park I CAN GO. I can:

  • Enjoy the campgrounds, picnic areas, and parking lots. 
  • Hike the Spruce Railroad Trail (Olympic Discovery Trail)
  • Enjoy Rialto Beach one-half mile north to Ellen Creek
  • Explore all Kalaloch beaches (from Ruby Beach south to South Beach)
  • Hike the Peabody Creek Trail

I loved jumping around on the driftwood on the beaches.
In fact, there are so many places to hike with your dog that I decided to print out the list that the Olympic Peninsula Visitors Bureau provides on their website. And, the have a dog friendly map for us too.
I think I'd love a stay at Crescent Lake Lodge!

Here's another beach that looks like fun.
But we couldn't bring Francesca because she knock all the stones off the log!
Next time I go to the Olympic Peninsula I want to stay at a cabin at Crescent Lake Lodge or at Lake Quinault Lodge. You know me, I go first class!

Love, Cinnamon the Traveler

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