Friday, October 2, 2015

The Dog Food Test Begins!

Oh Boy! A big box of Pinnacle®Holistic Pet Nutrition arrived today for the big dog food test that will be Francesca's first foodie review.

The big box arrived and we opened it. And.... there were TWO BAGS of food inside! Two bags of Salmon and Potato food. First Francesca looked at the bags and thought the design was beautiful! She loved the dogs on the bags.

Is this all for me?
As soon as she said, "Is this all for me?" I jumped in and offered to help her out. Since I am so gracious and a more delicate eater, I offered to take the smaller of the two bags! See how nice I, Cinnamon, am?

Here I am offering to help Francesca with taste tests.
So watch for our foodie adventure and, Lord willing, watch for Francesca's article!

Love, Cinnamon


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