Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rainy Day Treats for Halloween: And Tricks!

Well, we got our treats early. This is how we did it!

It was raining outside and so we couldn't go to the dog park. Yeah, we knew that but we decided to pace around and bug our owner. We kept looking at her expectantly. We stood in front of the door and barked to go out and then turned around and came back in again.

So by noon, she got a little tired of us and decided to do errands AND LEAVE US AT HOME ALONE! Well, Francesca said we should get into some mischief. But I said we should just go take a nap. So that's what we did.

When our owner got home she had some things in a bag... light bulbs, batteries and... CHEWS! She went to Mud Bay and bought us some chews. We were so excited.

She took the tags off and handed them to us. There was one for each of us. I thought it was some sort of bone so immediately headed for the door and wanted to go outside and bury it. She saw that it was still raining and didn't let me out. Francesca took hers and immediately started chewing on it After a while of staring mindlessly out the sliding glass door, I decided to do what Francesca was doing and have a good chew!

Here I am going at the chew
So we spent the greater part of the afternoon chewing and enjoying the Halloween treats. It wasn't until I looked at the label I remembered something. These treats were unusual. They were Bully Sticks . I reviewed them once. They are good and all but when you think of what they really are...  IT IS A HALLOWEEN TRICK! Look them up for yourself. (I haven't told Francesca. She'd freak out!)

For those who can't guess what they are, I spell it all out in my earlier article.

Love, Tricky Cinnamon

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