Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow storm is replaced quickly with balmy walking weather in Vancouver, WA

Yesterday I was crunching around in the snow at the dog park. Today, as it inched over 50 degrees, I lazily walked the Columbia River Waterfront Trail. 
Here's the I-5 Bridge. It goes between Vancouver and Portland
The sun came out and we stopped to look at some geese. I'll bet those geese were considering flying south a few days ago!
Here's the geese on the beach. I was too lazy to chase them.
Then we walked along enjoying the barges and fishing boats on the Columbia River. When we got to the Red Lion at the Quay, I jumped up on the wall and just stood there soaking in the sun. (After all, I am a solar collection device!).

Here I am basking in the sun. I didn't want to leave!
When we walked past Husong and Larry's I smelled the food being cooked and got pretty hungry. But we didn't stop. We kept walking until we were back to the car.

I was tired. I think I got over-heated! 

So I slept in the back all the way home!

Love, Cinnamon

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