Monday, August 2, 2021

Made it to Prescott

Well, we got up early knowing something exciting was to happen! Our travel beds were already in the car and she put more and more stuff in there. Were we moving? Lordy, I hope not!

Here we are taking a last look at our neighborhood. 
The big rainstorm made the sage bloom!

We went out for a potty break. By 9 am it was already too hot to go for a walk. Our owner said it would be cooler in Prescott and that is why we were going. I wasn't too excited about getting in the car because the last time I did, it was to go to the Vet. But Francesca got right in and went in her crate. She sleeps in there on trips.

All loaded up for a road trip to cool!

Once we got on the road, we both went to sleep. In about two hours we woke up and saw that we were no longer in the desert. No saguaros! There were green pastures and things like farm stands. 

Then we saw the sign pointing us to the Historic District of Prescott. We were there! I looked outside and saw old-fashioned saloons, restaurants, a Courthouse with a park around it, and a guy walking his dog on the main street. This was getting really interesting. It might be a good place for dogs! 

But we drove a little further and saw Thumb Butte looming over us. We turned down a dirt road and saw some kind of run-down houses. (Yes, I'm being judgemental!) In the back was the one we would be staying in. Hmmm. Kinda looked like a shack to me. What happened to being a luxury travel dog? Hmmm.

The yard was kinda nice. It had trees and grass I could munch on.
There was no fence so we had to be tied out or be on a leash.

Well, that was interesting. But then we went inside. The door stuck so we had to push it open. Bam! We were in. I looked around. Yep, a shack. While our owner unloaded the car I nosed around and checked everything out. Not impressed. Here's some pictures:
Here I am checking out the living/dining/cooking area.
We did get fed, believe it or not. She brought our bowls.

Here you can see the large utility closet. She put our beds in here.

Francesca decided this would be HER corner. She likes being in the kitchen.
She won't miss a meal that way.

So that's the shack. We'll see if we really do get more walks or not. And, we'll see if there are deer and bears to chase. I might want to go to the historic downtown and see what kind of dog-friendly businesses there are. Prescott seems like a good place for dogs. I'm just not too keen on the shack. Keep checking back and I'll share what I find. 

Meanwhile, it's time for a nap!

Love, Cinnamon

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