Friday, August 5, 2016

Trips to the Vet: Tricks and Treats

Francesca and I have something to say. We feel tricked. We want to tell you what a visit to the Vet is like from the dog's perspective. So listen up! (I'm a little miffed to say the least!).

It was a lazy day.
Cinnamon: Yesterday I had a great day lazing around. It was warm outside and I didn't feel a whole lot like playing. Around 1:30 my owner got out my leash. I was really excited. It had to be good. Was it the dog park? A volksmarch? A trip to the river? I jumped in the car in anticipation.

We drove down the street and pulled into.... the Vet's office! Oh no!

I went in reluctantly and was greeted by our friends. I knew I needed a Bordatella booster but didn't know what else I was in store for! I got weighed. 53 pounds.... no weight loss for sure. And that was pretty embarrassing.

And then they dragged me into the "torture room," and lifted me onto the table. I was going to have my nails cut. I hate that! And two of the nails hurt when they cut them. Yeah, I have many more but I don't like to get hurt!

So finally it was over and something good happened. I got a treat from the jar and then, out of the back room, they found a VERY SPECIAL TREAT. I loved it. In fact, they gave me the whole bag to take home. But I wasn't fooled. I'LL NOT FORGET THE PAIN IN THE TORTURE ROOM! I have a memory, you know!

Francesca: Yesterday Cinnamon went to the Vet's office. I laughed as she drove away... my sadistic little laugh.

And when she came home, she brought some scrumptious treats. I was glad she went because it was all good for me!

Well, so I thought. Now today, about 1:30 p.m. my owner got MY leash and I got excited. Cinnamon just sat on the couch and smirked. She knew what was going to happen.

I jumped in the car and off we went.... to the VET! NOT ME TOO! I wasn't thrilled when I got there and really didn't want to go inside. I sniffed around the room ignoring the ladies who were trying to be nice to me. In fact, one of them wanted to pet me and I wasn't a bit thrilled. I TRUST NO ONE AT THE VET'S OFFICE.

So next, I was weighed.... a svelte 50 pounds - in comparison with Cinnamon's 53 chubby pounds. :)

Then they grabbed me. First they took my temperature and then stuck some ucky stuff in my mouth. Next was the WORST! They held my head and the Vet Tech stuck a HUGE needle into the back of my neck.... a HUGE needle! I was NOT PLEASED.

So finally it was over and it was treat time. I got some from the jar but then asked for a bag of the good stuff. And they gave me one!

Cinnamon: When Francesca got home we opened her bag of treats and enjoyed some. I heard that you can get these new treats at Freddie's and so we will be shopping there soon!

Francesca: I had such a rough time at the Vet's office I just plopped in the garden and refused to move. I'm not going to be tricked so easily next time!
Just don't bother me!

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