Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy National Dog Day!

Relaxing on National Dog Day
Hi Everyone! Francesca and I are pleased to hear that today is National Dog Day. Of course there is a day for us. Dogs are the oldest domesticated animal. We've been people's best friend, like, forever. We have a special connection with people that makes us successful as pets, as working animals and as protectors.

Francesca and I are both rescue dogs. I am from Santa Fe, NM and Francesca is from McMinville, Oregon. We are very different yet we have a strong bond with our owner. We keep her on her toes. She never misses a feeding time and mows the lawn for us so we can roll and relax in our backyard.

We'll be celebrating today. We wish ALL DOGS a Happy National Dog Day!

Love, Cinnamon, the Coonhound

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