Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Francesca survives water torture!

Hi, It's me, Francesca. I'm sitting around this afternoon smelling very pretty. I am not happy about it and I'll tell you why.

I was being my rather pungent self this morning when FINALLY we got to go to the dog park. I was having a great time running and jumping and annoying dogs at the gate when they came into the park. It was fun, although I got into some trouble being too pushy with some of the dogs.

So I was thrilled when a young studly pup wanted to run and play with me. Off we went... running and jumping and growling and play biting. I had a great time and even slid in the mud and rolled a couple of times in the wet grass. When I was finished playing, I had mud and grunge all over me. I was a happy dog. I smelled just right.

It was time to go home and I went right to the car. I was tired. I laid down in my crate and dreamed of my nice warm bed at home. I was in the mood for a nap. We drove down the road.

Right about then we turned, abruptly, onto Fourth Plain. Woah, that was different. We weren't headed home. We pulled in to the parking lot in front of Petco. Now that was ok. I could see trotting around in there sniffing snacks and shopping for toys. But then I looked at my fur. It was all dirty. They might laugh at me in Petco.

My owner came to get me and marched me right through the front door... mud and all. But we didn't stop to sniff the food. And we didn't stop to check out the toys. We went into the grooming office. Oh oh.... this was not what I had in mind.

She asked for a SELF SERVICE DOG WASH. And, I was the only dirty dog in sight. I decided I wanted to go home right then and there but the door was shut. She paid the lady $10. Then we went into the WATER TORTURE CHAMBER OF HORRORS! There was a huge metal tub with a ramp leading up to it. And... and... A NOOSE! What was going to happen to me? Was this the end for Francesca? Was I really that bad at the dog park?
This is what the metal tub looked like.
But its a fake photo because the dog looks way too happy!
I pulled away but she got me up the ramp and into the metal tub. Slam went the door. I was caught. The noose was around my neck. Then the water torture started. I was all wet... with warm water. Then came the prissy smelling shampoo. Like it or not all the mud and dirt was being washed down the drain. I thought it would never end. After a couple of rinses she finally turned the water off. I relaxed a bit then. She told me I was pretty. (Pretty mad, I'd say).

There were raggedy towels and I got dried off. The metal door slid open and I WAS FREE! I Felt better although I was still wet. I got my regular collar on and then I got out of the WATER TORTURE CHAMBER OF HORRORS. I had survived.

As we walked past the desk, my owner said, "That was the best $10 I ever spent!" I didn't agree. I could have spent $10 on treats!

So now here I am smelling all pretty with nowhere to go. I can't wait to get back to the dog park so I can run with the big dogs and roll in the mud.

Love, Francesca


  1. The self-service dog washing stations are a fantastic idea! I've never tried one, but it makes a lot of sense and probably much easier than bending over the bathtub at home.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon