Monday, May 25, 2015

Long Weekend: Dog Park Adventures and the Dreaded B A T H

Like I said on Facebook, two days of spending hours in the garage was more than this girl could endure. I demanded that the next day I be rewarded with a trip to the Brush Prairie Dog Park and I WAS!

It was a great morning. No scurrying around. No early breakfast. Just a leisurely morning topped off by a chauffeured drive to the Dog Park. That's the way things should be. I was so excited I sat up and watched during the whole trip.
The park was filled with dogs and people. What a great sight!
Even though I like to see the other people and dogs
I always find some alone time. I like the grassy hill.
It is my Happy Place!
When we got there, it was really crowded with people, dogs and even little kids. I was so happy to be there. I sniffed as much as I wanted to, met some new dogs and visited with some people I knew from the park. I even went up to some little kids and gave them a slurpy kiss. I rolled in some great smelling stuff.
Oh how I love rolling in smelly stuff I find in the grass!

Everyone was nice to me and I spent over an hour there.

I was a bit tired when we left so slept in the car when we stopped at Chapman Gardens Nursery. And then it was time to head home. Visions of sleeping in my cushy bed filled my head. I was ready for a nap.

Oh oh.... that's when things took a turn for the worse. I was called inside and knew something bad was going to happen. The water was running in the bathtub and it was too late for my owner to be taking a bath. That meant only one thing. IT WAS BATH TIME FOR ME!

I pretended to put up a fight but knew it wouldn't do any good. I walked into the bathroom and obediently hopped into the lukewarm water. Next it was time for a good soaking with the hand-held shower and some sweet smelling Wen Shampoo for Dogs. I don't like the smell but my owner does.

I had a good scrubbing and then came my favorite part... lots of toweling off and rubbing. It feels really good (but I don't often admit it). Once I was a little bit dry I went outside and WENT WILD! I was so happy to have my bath over, I ran like the wind in circles in the yard and even played ball. It didn't take long for me to get tired. After all, I was tired when I got home from the Dog Park.

My owner put a dry towel down on the rug and I crashed right there. I didn't even get upset when she took a picture of me in the turquoise towel. Usually that would annoy me.
Here I am all bundled up to dry after my bath.
Don't I look abused? Would someone please
call the Humane Society on my behalf?
So finally, I was dry and ready for my long-awaited nap.

What a day!

Love, Cinnamon

Monday, May 18, 2015

On Gardening

I can't figure out why I get in trouble for doing the same things in the garden my owner does. I get in trouble for knocking over plants, for digging and for thinking about eating certain plants. I am happier when she leaves me alone in the garden to lounge on my little deck and do as I please.

Here I am lounging and staying out of trouble.

So please explain this to me:

I got in trouble for digging here. I left a nice hole against the front fence.
But I don't understand why it's such a big deal.

She can dig and even uses a garden tool:

Here she is making another hole. Don't ask me why she is allowed to do it and I am not!

And then she rips plants apart:

She cut all these branches off my shade Rhody.
All of them!
Then she ripped a bunch of these leaves out of the ground.

I just don't get it. I can't uproot a plant. I can't knock a plant over. I can't eat a plant. And I can't rip a plant apart. I get in trouble but she doesn't.

So that's my life in the garden. It's "No, Cinnamon... no, no Cinnamon!" more often than not.

I'll just go lay on my rugs and stay out of trouble.

Love, Cinnamon

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bench Substitute

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I USED TO HAVE A BENCH. I brought it with me from New Mexico. It was my favorite place to relax in my garden. Just before we moved to the new house, I put a poll on this blog to get input on what color the bench should be painted. Turquoise won.
Here's the bench I brought with me from New Mexico
So I had a like new turquoise bench. I fantasized how I would enjoy it in my new garden. I looked at all the places I might put it... mostly places in the sun.

So when moving day came, my bench wasn't put in the back yard. IT WAS PUT ON THE FRONT PORCH WHERE I COULDN'T GO!

Yes, it brightened up the porch but it was MY BENCH!

I was not happy. My owner knew it and tried to show me how the decks were just as good as a bench. I tried laying on the decks. They were too hard. I tried laying on the grass but it was too wet and dirty.

So my owner FINALLY figured out what to do. She set aside a side deck just for me. Then she put little indoor-outdoor carpets on the small deck. It absorbed the rays of the sun and, because it was under cover, it didn't get wet. YES I NOW HAVE A BENCH SUBSTITUTE. And I have to admit I like it!
Here I am with my bench substitute.
I am relaxing in the sun.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

#InspiredbyCrafted Don't I Deserve High Quality Food?

Last month I told you about a new, small-batch-crafted dog food I was trying. I told you I really liked it. But what’s different about Hill's® Ideal Balance® Crafted food?

Here I am on the fishing boat in Canada.
We caught our limit that day.
I was wishing I could have good salmon every day!
First, it is made in small batches. Small batch means that Ideal Balance Crafted is made just the way your owner would — one very special batch at a time.

Hill’s experienced, dedicated master bakers create unique recipes in small batches using high quality meats, wholesome vegetables and ancient grains.

These are the same ingredients you would see in high-end, healthy human foods.

The proteins are sourced from trout, salmon, tuna, roasted beef and chicken cooked slowly to ensure high quality taste and composition. And, you’ll notice that these proteins are #1 on the ingredient list. That is not typical of kibble.

The other ingredients include whole–ancient grains including, quinoa, buckwheat and vegetables like sweet potatoes, barley and peas. Sounds pretty healthy, right?
Things are looking up! Hill's has protein
sourced from foods that I like... Salmon, trout, chicken!

Your owner probably is spending time finding high quality foods like this to put on the dinner table. But YOU need to insist that dogs require the same consideration, right?  How many times has my owner taken me to the Farmer’s Market and purchased food for HER! Now it’s time for me to eat as well as she does! (I hope she’s reading this!) 

The problem is, I need different food. Food made especially for me. I'm not sure my owner is going to spend the time to do that for me. So Hill's® Ideal Balance® Crafted food makes sense for us.
This is the chicken kibble from Hill's that I have been enjoying.

Hill's® Ideal Balance® Crafted food benefits:
 Made in small batches
 Natural ingredients, perfectly balanced
 100% Balanced Nutrition Guaranteed or your money back
 Made in the USA
 No wheat, corn or soy
 No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
 Available in Grain free varieties

This is the canned food from Hill's
By now I’m sure you want to try this food too. You can purchase Hill's  Ideal Balance™ Crafted™foods online and from selected veterinary offices and stores. Currently you can save 20% at this site.

If you want to learn more about Hill's, check them out on social media:

  • Hill’s on Facebook
  • Hill’s on Twitter
  • Hill’s on Pinterest 
Running on the beach and sniffing for seafood is my thing!
Love, Cinnamon

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill's® Ideal Balance® Crafted, but Coon Hound Tales only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pets Need Friends Too!

Right now my best friend is my owner. Sometimes I think I'd like a sister.... sometimes. So when I saw this video it made me think: