Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Camas Washington's Dog Days of Summer

Here I am riding shot gun.
I’ll be off to Sunriver, but if you are in the Vancouver, Washington area you might want to check out this dog event.

July’s First Friday in downtown Camas is a fun celebration for dogs and their best friends. “Dog Days of Summer” will bring doggie fashion and talent shows with prizes, vendors, kids’ crafts with a dog theme, a dog breed guessing activity in participating businesses, and more.

All Camas dogs are welcome, (leashes required).

The dog fashion show/costume contest begins at 6 p.m. Judges will award prizes to the cutest, most creative, and the funniest costumes. The talent contest begins at 7 p.m, with awards presented to the most clever, most difficult, and cutest talents. Sign up at the Downtown Camas Association table, up to 15 minutes before each show. No cost to enter.

The West Columbia Gorge Humane Society will be on hand with info on dog adoption and a fun “Find the Treat” game for dogs. There will also be a dog and owner look-alike contest. Additional highlights include live music, a visit from the Hello Waffle cart, Paint Roller Mobile Paint Party and more. The event runs from 5 to 9 p.m. this Friday, July 1. To learn more, click here.

Love, Cinnamon

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good News: Escape from Fireworks

Well, I wouldn’t have known it but I peeked at my owner’s Facebook posts and guess what I saw… we are leaving town for the 4th of July. Yep, getting out of the ‘Couve. Escaping the horrors of fireworks!

Road Trip to Sunriver!
I’m so excited! Imagine a week without Crackle, Snap, Pop and Boom! And the smoke and the roar in the distance. And the bright lights over our house… just trying to set it on fire.

And, imagine… I don’t have to build a bunker this year. Yay!

So where are we going? We are headed for Sunriver Oregon, a place where they love dogs and don’t allow fireworks. We’ll try to report back but I’m not taking my laptop… just my iPhone. I can post photos on Facebook and Instagram, at least.

I feel kinda bad for the other animals who have to endure the cruel fireworks. And I hope my house doesn't burn down.

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Francesca Racks up 8K on the Washougal Volksmarch

Hi, it’s me, Francesca, Staff Writer for Coonhound Tales.

I have another volksmarch story for you today. The All Weather Walkers held a walk in Washougal, Washington. That’s usually where we do the walk along the Columbia River on the dike. But today they surprised us with a brand new route.

When we pulled in to the parking lot, I got all excited. I was barking and the people could hear me! As soon as I got out of the car, I ran over to the registration tent so we could sign up and GET GOING!
So what do you think about my new harness?
It's kind of like a tracking harness... really strong, like me!
Between you and me, I have to share that we started about 5 minutes before the walk opened. I was that wound up!

The first interesting thing we encountered was a dog. A big dog. But this one didn’t move. I went up to sniff him and check him out. He still didn’t move. I found out that this was a statue of Seaman, the dog that accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition, including a stop in Washougal. So I got my picture taken with a famous, historic dog.
Here I am checking out Seaman. I couldn't understand
why he didn't move. Then I read the plaque
This was a town walk but there were some parks and schools and a little bit along the Washougal River. So I kept my eyes peeled for wildlife. Mostly we saw gardens filled with flowers. Then we walked past my old dog park. I wanted to go in but we were following the pink arrows so we kept going.
We saw lots of homes and gardens on this walk.
I was pretty good and kept up the pace. I only stopped for water once. I looked longingly down at the Washougal River but the route didn’t take us to the banks. We were just out of the park walking down a street when the excitement happened. I smelled a cat! I put my head in the bushes and there he was. A dratted cat! I barked and pulled but my owner didn’t let me chase him.

Just down the block there was a REAL REASON FOR EXCITEMENT. I saw a squirrel cross the road. I went bananas. I barked, I pulled and I wouldn’t stop. My owner had to get a friend of hers to stop and divert my attention… which worked. We walked with them for a little while and I was behaving myself. Yep!
After I calmed down, we could stop and smell the roses.
Just about then the walk was finished. I lapped up some water that the All Weather Walkers had left out for dogs and looked forward to the ride home in my crate and some sleep.

We had walked 8K and I was tired!

Love, Francesca

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Announcement: Francesca promoted to Staff Writer

Francesca has been with Coonhound Tales for a year now. She has learned a lot from me, Cinnamon. She's written some good articles and some not so good articles. We recently did a survey of readers and they, overwhelmingly, supported a promotion for Francesca. The jury is still out on whether she deserves a cost of living raise though so I just gave her a Nylabone bonus instead.

Here's Francesca and her Nylabone bonus
Here's a good shot of Francesca's new Press Pass Badge
So today, in a brief ceremony, I announced on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that Francesca is now a Staff Writer for Coonhound Tales. I posted pictures of her with her new press pass.

Right after the announcement, Francesca quickly chewed up half of her press pass. In the excitement, she ignored the Nylabone.


Love, Cinnamon, the Coonhound, Editor of Coonhound Tales

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Francesca's First 10K Volkssport Event - Complete with Terrifying Things

Hi, it's me, Francesca. I suppose it's only fitting that my first 10K distance volksmarch should be at the location where I did my first volksmarch ever... North Bonneville, WA.

It was a drizzly day when we packed up and headed east on Hwy 14. I settled in, sensing I'd be in the car awhile. We went past the Doggie Day Care, past the dog park and past the turnoff for the Doggie Country Club in Washougal.
Here's the dam gushing away.
I hear the fish can get upstream by using a fish ladder.
So after awhile we pulled up to park within view of a massive dam... it was the Bonneville Dam and it was gushing water. I was very excited to finally get out of the car. I spied some pink and green ribbons in the distance. We were on a volksmarch! Usually we follow the green 5K distance markers but today... I had my pink leash and harness on. Today was a 10K kinda day, all misty and cool. I was up for it! So we chose to follow the pink markers.
At this point I decided to follow the pink markers.
After all, they matched my leash and harness!
What I didn't realize was that this 10K wouldn't be all squirrels and kitty cats. It was going to be a terrifying foray into an unknown zone.

So we followed a path into the woods and took a brochure on the history and remains of Fort Cascades. We went through a place with mossy rocks and then I spied a petroglyph on a mossy rock. The ancient eyes peered out at me. But I didn't get scared because it was only a replica. Soon we were out of the woods and I spied a cat in a field. I stared at it and it stared back. But when it ran away, I couldn't take chase. I was on a leash. Drat!

Here's the petroglyph. A little scary but
nothing like what was to come!
As we walked through town I saw a sign pointing out all the trails that you can choose from in North Bonneville. But there weren't any dogs out on the trails. They seemed to be in fenced yards. I soon found out why.

The Totem Pole of Doom
I walked by a grassy field and was sniffing around when all of a sudden I looked up and saw this strange pole with big black things on top. I got scared! It must have been the Totem Pole of Doom... just looking down at me menacingly. My owner said it was a tower with sirens on top, in case of a flood. But I didn't believe her. I wanted to get outta there fast!

The Sasquatch on the Links
So then we walked across the bridge. I looked up at the light posts because I was still a bit scared. And then I saw it. On the edge of the golf course was a figure.. a scary figure. Now I had read about the Sasquatch Trail but never thought we would encounter one... but we did. I pulled hard to get away. The Sasquatch had some golfers in mind for his next meal. Not me. So we got away from there fast!
Here's the Sasquatch.
This really scared me. This is as close as I would go!
The Bear of Strawberry Island
After encountering yet another Sasquatch, this one near the ball field, I was ready to go home. But, no... we had to walk out on Strawberry Island first. We were walking along the grassy trail when we spied... Bear scat! I held my nose high to see if I could sniff a bear. My owner decided to turn around and go another way to avoid the bears. Good move, I thought!
Is that a bear over there?
I was happier as we left Strawberry Island and returned to the trail through the woods. It was farewell to the Totem Pole of Doom, farewell to the Sasquatch and good riddance to any bears that inhabited Strawberry Island!

When I hopped into the car I realized how tired I was. I was used to doing 5K volksmarches and today, I completed a very terrifying 10K volksmarch.

I couldn't wait to tell Cinnamon about my adventure. I slept all the way home. I was bushed!
One tired coonhound.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Take Our Survey: Francesca's One Year Anniversary - Decisions to be made

Last July, Francesca was brought on as an intern with Coonhound Tales. I, Cinnamon, need to make some decisions regarding promoting her and giving her more compensation. Please take the survey and let me know what you think.
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