Thursday, July 24, 2014

An open letter to the coyotes in the woods behind my house

Every night. Yipping, howling and obnoxious sounds break the silence of the night. Every night, I wake up my owner to investigate. The result? Not enough sleep for Cinnamon. So here goes....

Dear Coyotes:

I'm tired of being awakened at 2 a.m., 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Your hours are not compatible with my sleeping hours which are 7 p.m. to 9 a.m.  I just don't like you guys. You are noisy. You smell. And you are too close to my backyard fence. Too close!

I'm on to you. I know where you live. Today I went by the entrance to the woods. It has a chain across it but the "do not trespass" sign is on the ground. I CAN GET YOU! I know where your den is and I know you sleep during the day.

If you don't stop bothering me, I'm going to OUT YOU TO THE AUTHORITIES. I'll give you three days to get out of town.

I'm putting you on notice. WE DON'T LIKE YOUR KIND HERE!  Only civilized suburban dogs who sleep at night are welcome. GO AWAY! VAYA!

Signed, Cinnamon the sleepy coonhound

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cinnamon Volksmarches the Columbia River

I'm so behind. I'm so behind. I have so much to tell you. In the past week I have been on two volksmarches on the Columbia River ... two very different walks.

Here I am trying to get in to see the Julia Butler Hansen Heritage Center in Cathlamet
The first one was in Cathlamet, on the way to Long Beach, WA. We stopped there for a driving break and to stretch our legs. What we found was a historic town right on the river. I loved it! We walked the town and got to go to the marina. We also got to see their museum, a logging engine and a fish buying vessel. That got us in touch with the history of the area. It was all about logging and fishing.

I'll just nose around here waiting to ride on the tugboat, ok?
We nosed around the public pier and I was hoping to be offered a ride on a tugboat. Hadn't they heard about my relatives, Uncle Tom and Cousin Geoff? Surely they would let the relative of tug boat captains on their boat. But I didn't hear them call out my name. I continued up the street sniffing at old buildings and wondering how the feral cats existed there.
I didn't get to ride on the tugboat. Maybe there was no one aboard anyway.

At the end of out walk we saw the Pioneer Church. I think that's all well and fine but I've never heard of a  pioneer dog. I don't think they brought any dogs with them. What lack of foresight!

Then after we got home, we decided to go to a walk hosted by the Longview Border Crossers in Columbia City, Oregon. Now The Longview club is a Washington walking club but somehow they made it across the bridge to Oregon to set up this great little walk. Columbia City is also historic.
We enjoyed the flowers and the nearby dog park in Columbia City

We ran into our walking friends who all greeted me and petted me, of course. I was a little sad that the Border Crossers didn't bring any dog treats with them. Oh well!
Here's my friends from the Columbia River Volksport Club

We walked through some areas with older homes and then a woods. The homes overlooking the Columbia River were pretty impressive but I always prefer a house where I can be in touch with the river. I like sniffing the river life and wading in the water so I need to live right down on the river!
I decided I'd like this big house right on the river. It looks like a boat!
My owner could have half and I'd have the other half!
I always smell new smells and see new things on volksmarches. I'm only a 5K dog right now because I get overheated easily (or maybe I'm just lazy). If you want to see all the walks I have done, just click on the Volksmarch Log tab on my blog. You'll be impressed!

Love, Cinnamon, the walking dog

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maddie the Coonhound: Packing for a road trip with Mercedes Benz

I love road trips. Every road trip should have a dog along, right?
Photo: Maddie the Coonhound/ Mercedes Benz
We coonies are trendy when it comes to packing for a sporting vacay!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ilwaco: Walking the Docks and Dreaming of Fish

It's been a year since I went fishing for salmon and crab in beautiful Haida Gwaii, Canada. I was really missing hanging out on the docks and sniffing for fish. So during my trip to the Long Beach Peninsula when we decided to go to Ilwaco, I got really excited. They have FISHING BOATS in Ilwaco and that means.. FISH! Ilwaco has a real fishing port and even though they are busy fishing and processing fish, there are great things there for visitors and their dogs to do.
It's mostly about fishing in Ilwaco, WA and I want to go too!

We drove up to the Port of Ilwaco and found a convenient parking lot right across from the docks. There were lots of places to explore... fishing charter businesses, restaurants, art galleries and even a book shop. I loved walking and sniffing and exploring.

I really don't need a fish finder. I can SMELL them!

Each time we came to a gangway down to the docks, I pulled to go down there. I wanted to get on a boat AND GO FISHING. The sea air blew in my face and made my ears flap! So after trying to get my owner to walk down two gangways, she finally gave in and took me down to the fishing boats. There were huge boats and smaller ones. Many were from out of state... even the South Pacific.
Here I am asking nicely to go down on the docks. I love the smell of fishing boats. Please?

We walked to the end of the dock and turned around. Once we returned to the walkway, I enjoyed the grass, the Condor Sculpture and the fish shops. I gave the condor sculpture the once over just to make sure it wasn't real! This life-size replica of a real California Condor has a nine-foot wingspan. Why was it there? Well, reportedly, Lewis & Clark, the explorers, saw that type of bird on their trip to the area.
Here's that SCARY condor!
The next thing that really interested me was the parade of fishermen returning from their charter fishing trips. They had tons of salmon in bags. Once they got up to the walkway, they took the fish out, hung them up and had their pictures taken with their catch. I have to say, the salmon I caught in Haida Gwaii was bigger than most of their fish for sure!

Here's the salmon catch from one of the charter boats.

I really wanted to sniff the fish but my owner wouldn't let me. We took a picture and walked on.

By then, I was getting tired. I had run on the beach for an hour in the morning so I was ready for a nap in the car. I gladly hopped up on my seat, had a drink of water, and stretched out. You see, it is overcast and misty many days on the coast so I wasn't in danger of overheating in the car. I went to sleep quickly.

It was only later that I found out that my owner had met a friend for lunch at Ole Bob's Seafood right across from the parking lot where I was sleeping. As you might guess, they didn't bring me any seafood after their DELICIOUS LUNCH! But what's new. Such is the life of a dog.
I know she had lunch there. I saw her come out!

That was our last stop on our wonderful trip to THE BEACH. I was sad to leave but am already planning my return. There is so much to do and see on the dog friendly Long Beach Peninsula of Washington.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The Beach is for Sleeping

All that fresh sea air, exercise and my fun room at the Adrift Hotel on the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington gave me reasons to sleep!
Don't you just love the decor?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oyster Hunting on the Long Beach Peninsula

What a morning! I decided to go oyster hunting. I heard that the Willapa Bay oysters were really good. I decided that since I am a hunting dog, the best way to get some would be hunting.

Now, where to go? I looked on the map and saw a town named OYSTERVILLE! It was clear at the end of the Peninsula on Willapa Bay. That sounded like a great place for oyster hunting. So we packed the car with water, cameras and ME, of course, and headed out.

It took awhile to get there, I thought. But maybe that was because I was excited. Soon, we saw the Oysterville sign and turned off. It is a historic town founded in 1884. In fact, it is so historic, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.
Here it is... the place to go oyster hunting!
Before I could get some hunting in, we did a little walking tour of town. I read all the signs about Oysterville history and looked at the homes, school and church. It was like going back in time.
There are a lot of historic homes and buildings in Oysterville
I kept pulling toward the bay. I was ready for the OYSTER HUNT! Finally we went down a grassy street onto paths leading to the bay. My feet got wet in the squishy vegetation. I looked for oysters everywhere and didn't see a one. Since I am not a swimmer, I gave up and returned to a drier path.
On the hunt... Here, oyster, oyster!
I was getting upset. How could I go to Oysterville and not come home with any Oysters? We went down a long street toward some grey buildings right on the bay. I thought these people would know where to find oysters. We got to the buildings and saw a big sign, Oysterville Sea Farms. Next to the sign were mounds of oyster shells. THIS WAS THE PLACE!

I poked my head in the door and was invited in by a nice lady. I looked up on the counter and thought at least I could buy some oysters from them. After all, they were professional oyster hunters.

They showed me the fresh caught oysters in the refrigerator case but I didn't get any. I was feeling a little disheartened when the nice lady offered me A TREAT! Now things were really looking up. TREATS! If I couldn't have an oyster, at least I could get a treat from the oyster lady!

Here's those fresh oysters. This is what I was hunting but just didn't look in the right places, I guess.
We went out back on their deck overlooking the Willapa Bay. It was beautiful. I didn't see any oysters but I could smell them! The lady gave me a HUGE dog biscuit. I was so excited I made the usual fool of myself sitting up and jumping around. I LOVE TREATS!
They are REALLY nice at Oysterville Sea farms. I loved their deck. What a view!
I crunched on the dog biscuit and then we sat and admired the bay and the beautiful day. Their Willabay Specialty Foods shop was full of interesting foods that were made right there. It's a great place for humans to go shopping! They even have a special wine to go with oysters (for those who are successful in their hunt, anyway).

The drive back seemed much shorter that the drive out there. I rested most of the way.

Right now, I need to take a nap. I'm back at my room in the Adrift Hotel and I'm ready for a long rest after my big Oysterville adventure.

Love, Cinnamon, on the Long Beach Peninsula