Monday, September 22, 2014

House Hunting Cinnamon Style - And Rose Cottage is the Winner!

The last time I blogged, we were house-hunting ala HGTV. There was House #1, House #2 and House #3. It turns out none of those would work out.

So what did we do? We looked at HOUSE NUMBER 4! And, #4 is the big winner.
Here it is.... Rose Cottage!

It is right down the street from Ross Dog Park. I love Ross (well, next to the Brush Prairie park with the Mt. Hood view). Yesterday we went to Ross Dog Park and it was like old home week. I ran in, ran up the hill and greeted each and every dog and owner.
Here's me running at Ross Dog Park (I am the one in front, of course!)

I noticed something about Ross Dog Park. There were new gates and new bark chips on the paths. It was really spiffed up. I hadn't been there for awhile so there was lots of sniffing to do. But know what? My squirrel trees were still there. I've missed them.

I had a great time and didn't want to come home. But finally I gave in and what did we do? We drove by MY NEW HOUSE. If everything works out ok, I'll be moving in to House #4 which we call Rose Cottage.

Let me tell you the pros and cons of House #4.

It is right down the street from Ross Dog Park.
It is right up the street from the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail
There are big trees across the street
There is plenty of room in the kitchen cabinets for treats.
There is a big covered porch and deck for me to relax on.

I don't get my own room. I'll still share the office
The yard is small.

I'm kinda excited because I might get to go to the dog park more often. There isn't anyone on my street now that I will miss. All we have are pesky cats and coyotes!

So that's the end of house-hunting (we hope!)

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who Gives Out Treats in Vancouver: Dick Hannah Honda

On my way to the car appointment
Some day I am going to write an article about all the places that give out treats. But today, I was really surprised. We went to Dick Hannah Honda here in Vancouver, WA for a service appointment for my car.

We drove up and immediately a young woman came out to greet us. Of course she noticed me and said how cute I am. But then she said. "We have treats!" Right then and there my ears perked up. I was so surprised. TREATS AT AN AUTO PLACE? Now this is really good!

So she went in and got me a little square treat. I gobbled it down excitedly. And then another woman came up to see me. She petted me but didn't give me another treat. Drat!

And then the service adviser came up. He was all business and didn't give me a treat or a pat.

So I am making a mental note to add Dick Hannah Honda to my list of "places that give out treats." We walked home after we dropped the car off so all in all it was a very good morning!

Thank you Dick Hannah Honda. You really are all about "nice!"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

House Hunting Cinnamon Style

Houses with Squirrels
Well, I made my owner promise we wouldn't move last year and we didn't. I had a hard time moving from my birthplace in Santa Fe, NM to Vancouver, WA. I had to adjust to rain and had to realize not too many people spoke Spanish. I did adjust to my new home... after awhile.

So now we are house-hunting BUT WE WON'T LEAVE VANCOUVER! I've been participating in the ride-byes and sometimes we do a neighborhood walk. So I am getting the hang of house hunting and have very definite opinions on the homes we look at. Here's an example:

House Number 1 (if you watch HGTV, you'll know where I'm going with this)

I call this the garden house
This house has a small fenced garden area and a huge vegetable garden on the side and a nice lawn in the front. It has plenty of room for MY BED in the family room. It does not have a garage, because that is where the family room is. So we'd have to get out of the car in the rain and snow. I'm not sure I like that.

But here's the big PLUS on this one. House #1 is just around the corner from a big park with BIG trees. And you know what lives in trees, don't you? SQUIRRELS! I walked this neighborhood and chased a bunch of squirrels up trees and even saw a rabbit. So far, I like House #1!

House Number 2
Now I haven't seen this house yet but it looks like it has a really big yard. I like that.
Big yard but a big hilly driveway
I hear the yard has trees in it so that is promising. There might be some squirrels there. It also looks big enough that I might get my own room!

House Number 3
I haven't seen this one yet either but it is even closer to the park than House Number 1! Yay! It looks like it has a shady back yard and enough room that I might get my own room.
This is the shady house close to Squirrel Park!
I don't know about these houses. I haven't been allowed to tour them yet. I do like the idea of being close to a park and I do like the idea of TREES IN MY YARD!

Now for my downtown friends, let me tell you ... WE ARE looking there but the houses seem to be either weird (too weird) or close to the freeway. So no luck there yet!

So, I'll keep y'all updated on what happens. Will we move? Or will we stay put? I just don't know. But I do know that I am getting less dog park time due to all this looking at houses.

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The New Vet

Well, it was time for my bordetella booster and I needed some flea and tick prevention medicine so that meant a trip to the vet clinic. Usually I go to one close to home. It's a nice enough clinic, but it is always crowded and I have to wait a long time. And, its confusing. I never know which vet I will see or if I will even see the vet. So I decided I wanted to try a new veterinarian, someone like my nice vet in Santa Fe.

On recommendation from my friend Monica (I don't know what she knows, though, as she has cats, not dogs), we decided to try Dr. Kepner at Riverview Animal Hospital. I walked in, like I usually do, and looked up at the counter. NO TREAT JAR! I almost turned around and walked out!
This is the Riverview logo. I like the idea of fishing!

But I asked very nicely and the ladies at the desk went and got me some treats. YAY! It was quieter at this clinic and soon we were taken to an exam room. I knew there were other dogs there. I could see them through the glass.

We waited there for awhile (they didn't have any dog magazines for me to read) and then Dr. Kepner walked in. He petted me and asked all about me. Then he LIFTED ME AND PUT ME ON THE TABLE!  Wow, I think he was strong. He gave me a VERY thorough exam which I put up with only because I wanted my flea and tick medicine. He looked at my teeth (every tooth I think), looked in my ears and at my eyes. He said I had some signs of aging in my eyes. (I didn't like hearing that!)

And he checked my kidneys and everything else he could find. I put my tail between my legs and gritted my teeth.

He said I was getting older but wasn't really OLD!. He recommended something for my joints, something called Cosequin® to help prevent problems. I always thought that was for OLD dogs and I don't think I am OLD at all even though I was very quiet at the vet's office.

So I got the flea and tick prevention stuff taken care of, got my bordetella booster and will get some of that joint supplement. And, I won't have to go back to the vet's for six more months!

I think I like the new vet clinic. Dr. Kepner was really good at explaining everything and examining me but I DON'T LIKE BEING PICKED UP!

And, I highly recommend the nice ladies at the front desk get a big treat jar so I can see it when I walk in!

Love, Cinnamon the healthy dog

PS: Here's their website. It is isn't easy to find via Google!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ruby at the dog park.... Why me?

I love being alone to explore MY dog park!
You all remember my Country Cousins, right? I told you about Indy, the smiling dog. Indy was always friendly but she had some annoying traits. She was "ball crazy" and would go crazy if the balls were brought out. And, she would steal my ball, given half a chance. But her most annoying trait was that she was always in my face. She just didn't respect my personal space. Imagine!

So I thought I'd get a rest from all that when I FINALLY got home. Sometimes I just like to sniff and explore without someone bugging me!

So here's what happened yesterday. It was a glorious day at the dog park. It was cool and slightly misty. Fall was in the air. There were two little dogs in the small dog section. One of them snarled at me through the fence... But it was only through the fence.

I ambled along sniffing, eating grass and running when I felt like it. I was ALONE! I was free! Life was good for about 20 minutes. I love my dog park in Brush Prairie!

Then the atmosphere changed at the dog park. Clink, went the gates. And in came a pretty, young German  Shepherd. She was full of herself. She really thought she was cool. I could tell by the way she trotted and perked up her ears. (She had big ears).
I love exploring ALONE!

I gritted my teeth and considered going home. The first thing she did was go up to that grumbly little dog at the small dog park fence. All of a sudden, they took off running... up and back along the fence. They both enjoyed this little game so I thought I was safe.

I decided to stay at the dog park and trotted along, sniffing and looking for rabbit holes (no luck). All of a sudden the German shepherd and her owner caught up with us. I greeted her owner who was very nice and petted me. He said his dog was named Ruby and was four years old.

He started to tell me more but up trotted Ruby. I froze. She was big. She froze. We played "whoever moves first gets chased." Well I moved because I was getting bored standing there NOT BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE CHASED. And she started after me. I didn't like that one bit. I snarled at her and told her I was NOT interested in playing with the likes of her.

She backed off a bit and I went on my way.... and she followed! OMG, I just couldn't ditch her. She thought we were friends! I stopped to look at a mole hole and she came over. I snapped at her and SHE LAUGHED!

There will be NO RUBY today!
I went back to bed!
We kept walking along and she kept trying to get me to play. I even went up to her owner, pleading with my big brown hound eyes, for him to TAKE HER HOME! He said she was spoiled by his wife and didn't know how to leave other dogs alone.

 I just wanted to enjoy the park without her big black nose getting into my business. But that wasn't in the cards.

Soon we went home for breakfast. I got to eat it in peace... ALONE!

I went back to bed this morning. I decided to skip the dog park AND SKIP RUBY!

Love, Cinnamon (the only dog)