Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Pooch Plunge Time Again in Vancouver, Washington

This isn't me because I don't know how to swim!
Do you live in Vancouver, Washington? If you do, you’ll want to know about this. It’s Pooch Plunge time again!

You can bring your four-legged friend to the Marshall Community Center pool for the second annual Pooch Plunge on Monday, Sept. 1.

There are two scheduled swims this year:
* 12-1:30 p.m. for small dogs only (25 lbs. and under)
* 1:30-4 p.m. for all dogs (large and small)

Admission to the Pooch Plunge is $5 per dog, cash or check only. The community center will be closed for maintenance on this date, so participants will need to enter through the rear pool patio doors. 

The Marshall Community Center is located at 1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd., near the Clark College campus.

Lifeguards will be provided to help keep your best friend safe. All dogs must be current on shots, dog and people friendly, and be willing to swim (no tossing your dog in). Human companions are not allowed in the pool during this event but we will have staff in the pool to assist dogs.
The City is completing annual maintenance on the pool that week and will drain and clean the pool after the Pooch Plunge event.

For more information, please call the Marshall Community Center at (360) 487-7100.

Having shared all this…. I have to say, I’m not going. I just like wading a bit and am not sure I even know how to swim. Now if they offered swimming lessons for dogs, I might be up for that!

Love, Cinnamon

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Guests

Here I am looking all innocent before our guest arrived.
I was so excited, I couldn't contain myself. I ran in circles. I was thrilled. We had a person come visit us. I was eager with anticipation. Would this person bring treats? Would this person bring toys? Certainly this new person would bring much more fun than I was having!

So my elder friends, Remi and Indy, attacked her at the front door.... smothering her with attention and love. My owner was embarrassed. But we thought this was the best way to get treats, attention and toys... right?

So they settled in and we tried to behave but really took turns kissing up to our house guest. Toys? Treats? Attention? It was all there for us to soak up, right?

As the days passed we did get loves and attention but then something else happened. We had to admit that the new friend was also there to see our owner. She wanted to do things WITHOUT US DOGS!

So here's the story. One night they took off after feeding us our dinners rather early. The were going to dinner THEMSELVES, BY THEMSELVES! That's rude, right?

That is when I decided that having a human friend visit was not all that good. THEY WERE OUT UNTIL 10 p.m. Can you believe that? 10 p.m.! I thought that was rude and neglectful.

So while they were gone, we talked... we dogs. We decided that we would NOT be peacefully asleep when they came back from the fun downtown. We would stay awake and make a rukus!

So we did. They pulled up in the car about 10 p.m. We barked, we yelped and we scratched at the doors. We acted like we were starving. We acted like we had to go to the bathroom. We acted like we were severely neglected. We acted like we had to go chase coyotes in the pasture.

So they started to feel badly and let us outside. I, Cinnamon, went bonkers. I smelled rabbits. I smelled mice and I thought I heard a coyote. I was inconsolable. I had to hunt, to chase and to howl. Arooo!

Finally we were so obnoxious that my owner came and caught me by my collar and the scruff of my neck and brought me back to the house. We were told, in no uncertain terms, that WE WERE TO CALM DOWN AND GO BACK TO BED!

So we did!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cinnamon Goes Shopping

We had an equipment emergency here at the Country Cousins' yesterday. One of the lumpy balls was broken (by Indy) and we only had one left for THREE dogs to play with!

Since exercise is so important for these geriatric dogs, part of my duties as chief dog-sitter is to make sure we have all the equipment we need.

So, even though it was raining, I hopped in the car and we went shopping for MORE TOYS! Luckily Petco is not far at all.

Here's our local Petco
So I jumped out and went right in. You see, they allow dogs at Petco and APPRECIATE OUR BUSINESS! First I walked through the food section to see what was new and then we stopped and looked at pink collars (because I want one some day).

After that, we got down to business and looked at each and every toy. There were fuzzy toys, little dog toys, flying toys and Kong toys.
Here I am checking out the Kong toys. You can put treats inside them!

I really wanted something like a ball but it had to have a squeaker. And, it had to be the right size. And it had to be pretty strong to withstand chewing.

On the last aisle I found them. Hard, round, squeaky balls... and two sizes. I got three. Two big ones and one little one.
We were in the store a long time. I had to look at each and every toy.
So we drove home and put the balls on the counter for Indy and Remi to look at. They were very excited. We spent some time taking the tags off and making sure there were no strings or things poking out.
Here's what I bought. I think they will last awhile!
Then we headed out to the pasture to PLAY BALL! These balls are heavier so we have to be careful when we throw them. Other than that, they were a BIG HIT!

Love, Cinnamon the shopper

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free Shipping and Save 20 % on Everything in My New Pet Products Shop

I recently signed up and was approved to have a Coonhound Tales Shop on my website. It is powered by the reputable Inside Warehouse and most all pet products are represented. Now I, Cinnamon, don't really send these things to you. The program works with an entire network of suppliers who are going to be doing the shipping to YOU!

Here I am shopping in a regular store.
I much prefer shopping in my new online store!
I wanted to let you know that I tested it out myself. I ordered my favorite dog food, Merrick, in a 30 pound bag. I know what that costs. I have ordered it from several places. Let me tell you... I saved over ten dollars (off any cheap price I have EVER seen) and it is going to be delivered to my door. So it works.

Since it is a new program for me and I want it to succeed (I get my toy and food money from my income on my blog.. and treats too!), I am sharing the 20% off coupon code with you. You put it in at checkout. The coupon code is: COON-LAUNCH-20  This code gives 20% off the shopping cart amount (adds up to other existing discounts). I can only use it 20 times or 30 days from now (whichever comes first). There is no minimum amount for an order to apply this code. Oh yes, since I just ordered, there are 19 uses left. First come, first served!

Now you have the code. To find your preferred pet products you click on the Pet Supply Shop tab on my blog or on the Coonhound Tales Shop (on the bottom of any page), use the search or just browse. When I put in Merrick, all their products came up, even ones I didn't know existed!

Please try my shop. Both you and I will benefit!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you live in Vancouver, WA? Do you have a dirty dog?

Here's the answer for you! Come to the Fisher’s Landing New Seasons on August 23 from 12-3 p.m. to get your pooch washed and capture their footprint in plaster. All proceeds go to DOGPAW to support their off-leash dog parks in Clark County. More Information.

Tips for helping your older pet live a full and happy life

Here's old dog Indy after her work out in the rain.
While I am here dealing with taking care of two geriatric dogs, I thought I might do some reading up on the subject (not that I’ll ever get OLD!). I found this via BlogPaws from the American Veterinary Medical Association:

Pets are living longer and healthier lives thanks to developments in veterinary care and dietary habits. However, that doesn’t change the fact that their health begins to decline in their senior years at around the ages of six or seven.

Follow these simple tips to ensure a pet’s senior years are also its golden years:

Increase veterinary visits
Senior pets should be taken to the veterinarian twice a year, instead of only once a year. Semi-annual visits allow veterinarians to detect and treat any signs of illness early. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA.org) has a few tips to make veterinary visits a little better for everyone click HERE for more.

Look out for changes in behavior
Before any medical symptoms appear, behavioral changes can provide signs that something is wrong. Examples of behavior changes include confusion, decreased interaction with humans, house soiling, changes in sleep cycles, and more.

Watch for weight changes
Dogs and cats face opposite weight-related problems in old age. Overweight older dogs are at increased risk of health problems. Weight loss is the chief cause for concern for felines.

Consider modifying diet and nutrition
As pets age, their dietary needs change. Senior pets may need easily digestible foods or foods with different calorie levels and ingredients that include anti-aging nutrients.

Keep pets physically active
Just as with older humans, it is very important to keep senior pets moving. Maintaining mobility through appropriate exercise will help keep them healthier.

Play stimulating games
Even pets can show signs of senility. Games (such as playing with food puzzle toys) that require time, patience, and problem-solving abilities will help keep pets mentally active. 
Here I am playing ball with Indy

Be aware of pet health risks and symptoms
Some pet breeds and lifestyles have increased risks associated with them. For instance, dogs and cats that have not been neutered or spayed have a higher risk of developing mammary, testicular, and prostate cancers.  As pets get older they develop many of the same illnesses that are present in humans such as cancer, heart disease, kidney and urinary tract diseases, diabetes, and even senility. These seven tips will help maximize a pet’s senior years, but always check with veterinarians for specific guidelines on pet care.

I learned something, didn’t you? I realized all the exercising I do with these elderly dogs is a good thing. And, the games we play are stimulating for them. I’ll have to talk to them about all the lying around they do between playtimes though! Meanwhile, I’d better get busy with my online Luminosity training so I don’t lose any of MY brain power!

Love, Cinnamon