Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fireworks Blog: July 5, 2015

All I can say about last night is that it was SO BAD that I tried to melt myself into the quilts in my bunker. I wouldn't come out to go potty or to have a sip of water. I just stayed there until it was over.... somewhere around 2 a.m. It was SO BAD I don't want to talk any more about it.

Here I am praying in my bunker.
So what I really want to talk about is what the morning was like. It was so smokey last night my eyes hurt. But this morning it was beautiful and clear.... and quiet!

I could hear the squirrels scampering on the fence and I got up and chased them away! I felt so good I wanted to play ball at 7 a.m. I felt so good I didn't need my bunker anymore. I just hope it doesn't start again tonight. That's illegal but people around here don't seem to care.

I play keep away with two balls. The object of the game is to keep them both.
It was still wet out this morning. We hosed down the yards and the eaves of the house.
The fireworks were that bad.

I romped and rolled and reveled in the sheer joy of the cool, QUIET, morning.
The best thing about the 5th of July is that it's not the 4th of July!

Love, Cinnamon

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fireworks Blog: July 4th 2015

If I look a little tired. There is a reason.
Well, last night was horrible. Evidently no one around here has a calendar. In Vancouver, WA where I live, fireworks are allowed on the 4th of July ONLY. Last night there were lots of fireworks going off and IT WAS NOT THE FOURTH.

So today I sleepily wish you all a happy Independence Day. It's a holiday for humans. There is no freedom from fear for pets. I don't feel free all holed up in my bunker on a beautiful night. And tonight will be worse. We will close all the doors, windows and blinds. And we have to water down the yard so it doesn't catch on fire. My neighbor dog has to take a sedative to get through this. Neither of us will be celebrating at all. Neither of us feel a bit free.

But you humans just go have your fun!

Love, Cinnamon
(Don't worry. I'll get over it. I'm just worn out)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fireworks Blog: July 3rd, 2015

Well, just remember that fireworks are illegal here except on the 4th of July and last night WAS NOT THE FOURTH OF JULY!

So here's how things went down. It was a hot and quiet afternoon. I didn't do much except laze around wishing it would cool off. After dinner, I waited for the sun to go down. It was quiet. I thought that everyone was going to obey the law.

So I got my harness on and we headed out the door. The evening was cool and quiet... UNTIL... Bang, Pop! Yikes!

I turned right around and headed for the door. Once I got inside, my owner took my harness off and I high-tailed it for, you guessed it, my bunker. This time I was scared. I went in to my inner bunker, the one made just for the 4th of July. I got in, felt better and laid down hoping the fireworks would go away... FAR AWAY. But they didn't.
Here I am in my bunker. I am giving "stink eye" to those who broke the law last night
and ruined my evening.
So, like the City of Vancouver is asking us to do... we called 911 and said we were just calling to report illegal fireworks. The nice dispatcher lady took down the information about where the fireworks were. I told her I was Executive Director of Dogs Against Fireworks. She then said she'd be relaying the information to the Fire Marshall. (A dog in my position gets action... right away!). We thanked the dispatcher and I went back to settling into the bunker.

I slept there all night and felt pretty good about my safe place.

Love, Cinnamon
(Wishing she was in Canada)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fireworks Blog: July 2nd 2015

Hi Guys:

Well, I survived July 1st. I built my bunker and felt ready for whatever the neighborhood had in mind for me. I even took a walk after the sun set and it cooled off. I talked to some neighbors about fireworks (they plan to set them off on the 4th) and their little girl admitted she didn't like them. I'm with her!

So when it was time to go to bed I heard fireworks in the distance. I was pretty tired by then so just walked into my safety zone where my travel bed was. That's the outer perimeter of my Fireworks Hiding Place. It's just outside the door of my bunker.
This is the outer perimeter of my Fireworks Safety Zone.
My bunker is built just to the left of where my travel bed is here.
I flopped on my travel bed and went to sleep, listening to the rush of the air conditioner. I suppose the fact my owner sleeps in that room too helped... just a little bit.

I slept through the fireworks and through the night. It was a good July 1st.

Love, Cinnamon

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Building my Anti Fireworks Bunker

OK, like I told you, one of the ways I am going to cope this 4th of July is to have my safe place all ready for me when I hear a Snap, Bang, Crackle, Boom!

The first thing to know when building an Anti-Fireworks Bunker is to pay attention to your dog's behavior when scared. If the dog likes a particular closet, build the bunker there. If your dog likes their crate, have their crate in a protected place in the house.

For me, I've decided that my safe place is the Master Bathroom. In particular, I like the shower stall. So I spent the afternoon building my bunker there.

First I put a washcloth between the sliding glass doors so they wouldn't make any noise or shake when I went in there or when the fireworks went off.

Now the doors won't rattle
Next I got some really comfortable bedding to make it cozy and homey. Bedding also serves to absorb sound.

Then I brought in some reading material. I figure the seige will take quite awhile on the 4th. I chose a book about Santa Fe, my home town, with lots of pictures. It will make me feel comfortable.
Here's my favorite book and some toys to make it all homey.
Then I brought in a couple of toys to make it just like home!

Lastly, I put up a sign so my owner wouldn't mistakenly take a shower in there!
Here's the sign so no one thinks this is a shower, now!
All ready to go! If you make a bunker, please send me a picture so I can put it on the blog here. We all should share anti-fireworks ideas!

Love, Cinnamon
Executive Director
Dogs Agains Fireworks

How to Help Your Dog During Fireworks

I’m building my bunker, my safety zone, today. Last night I was happy lying on my regular bed in my regular room, the den when…. Snap, pop, boom! The first fireworks of the “holiday,” were set off, illegally.

Legal or not, I am scared of fireworks. So I walked, calmly to my owners room where I have my designated safety zone. When I am scared, I head for the center of the house and look for a place with no windows. This is the same place that humans would seek if there was a tornado. I’m good at finding my safety zone. Friends of mine like the laundry room or under the stairs.

My safety zone in this house is the master bathroom. No windows, in the center of the house and somewhat safe, I believe. I hide in the back and, if it is open, I’ll crawl into the shower stall. So last night I was just a little bit scared so I sat on the bath mat. My owner saw me and got out my travel bed and put it in the vanity nook… about a foot from where I was hiding. Once the sound stopped, I decided the travel bed looked safe enough, so I slept there all night.
Here I am in the center of the house.
I have my travel bed set up. I'll also be building a safety bunker in the shower stall.
That's to the left of this bed in the vanity area. 
Now I am fully aware, as Executive Director of Dogs Against Fireworks, that there will be more…. Louder, scarier and illegal fireworks to come. Today I am building my bunker. I’m getting prepared for one of the scariest days of the year. It’s a day when humans forget about us animals and go kinda crazy. It’s a day some animals get lost out of fear. It’s a day the rest of us get scared and try to hide. Is this fun? Some humans think so.

So here are some tips for helping dogs get through the 4th of July horrors.

Safety Zone: Build a safety bunker (I’ll be showing you mine very soon!) Any enclosed area without windows will work. Closets are good.

Exercise: When there are no fireworks, like in the morning, exercise your dogs outside and play.

Stay Inside: Keep your dogs inside when there might be fireworks and keep them company when they are scared.

Muffle Sound: Turn on the TV, or better yet, the A/C, to muffle the sound.

Crate: If your dog likes his or her crate, make sure it is available to them during fireworks time.

Windows: Keep windows covered and closed.

ID Your Dog: Make sure your dog, in case they run, has current tags and is micro-chipped.

Thunder Shirts: If your dog feels more relaxed with a Thundershirt, have one on hand.

Feeding: Feed your dog lighter meals during a time of fireworks.

Medication: Try to avoid medicating your dog, but if you do, consult a good veterinarian to get a prescription or advice.

Get Away: If you can, find a fireworks-free place to vacation… like a National Forest.

I’ll be busy today building my bunker. But I’ll make sure I take photos to show you what a safety zone looks like!

Wordless Wednesday: Fireworks Have Started Already

Here I am on my travel bed
hiding in my owner's vanity nook.
I heard my first firework go off last night and it was only June 30th! Stay
tuned for more information about how I am building my safety bunker!