Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Sunbathing

This is what I did most of last week.
It was a great week for winter sunbathing in Washington state. Really!

Here I come! Cinnamon's going to the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington

This is me in Ilwaco. We usually go there to buy seafood!
I am so excited! It has been a very long time since I had a chance to go to THE BEACH! I’ve been to the Long Beach Peninsula before and have fond memories of resting on a window seat when it was storming outside, romping on the beach chasing seagulls and having some seafood added to my dinner.
Here's The Breakers Resort. Notice the Path to the Beach.
That's where I'm going!
So I was thrilled to learn that we are headed to the beach tomorrow. We are staying at a new place for us, a pet-friendly place of course. It is called The Breakers and it sounds great. Lots of room to roam and lovely condos. It’s only a mile from downtown Long Beach. We could easily walk there via the Discovery Trail.

Look, my name is on the reservation!
The Breakers
Highway 103 At 26th
Long Beach, WA 98631


Elizabeth Rose
And Dog Cinnamon

So now I am packing. Although I hate wearing my rain coat, I guess I’ll pack that. I hear it will rain for the next couple of days. (There are always breaks in the weather). So I’ll take some bedding, my food, my long leash, and a bowl for the food and, if I am lucky, some treats.

I hope we have room for treats!

Love, Cinnamon (busy packing!)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Suffering from Neglect, Cinnamon Fights Back with Words

Many of you have wondered why I haven't written much lately. And my Facebook friends have suggested that I TELL ALL!

Well, first of all, because my owner has been going on walking tours of historic areas of Portland (way across the bridge from here), I've been having to get up really early. I love sleeping in. But several mornings this week I have had to be up and outside by 8 AM! Imagine! I have to get up, go outside and then can't go back to bed in my warm house because SHE IS LEAVING! So I am fed an early breakfast and have to go in the garage to stay while she is gone. I do have my old bed in the garage, so I usually just sleep the hours away.

So today, Sunday, I am sleeping in as long AS I WANT TO! See my magnificent coonie ball? Nobody better bother me until I, Cinnamon, am ready to get up.

Coonie Ball at 9:30 am
So this week has been a bust for any fun. While she is walking walking tours, I am sleeping. Here's what she does:

Notice that there are NO dogs on this walking tour.
And if that wasn't enough, she had to celebrate Chinese New Year by going to the Lan Su Chinese Garden with her photography friends. They don't allow dogs there either. She had a great time, saw the Lion Dancers and went out for Chinese food. All the while I was locked in the garage with a bowl of water. IMAGINE! And the celebration went on. One night after I had dinner, she took off and went  out to a Chinese restaurant for more celebrating. AND LEFT ME ALL ALONE!

Here's the Lion Dancers. I would have had fun chasing them!
So now it is Sunday and she is FINALLY STAYING HOME! I slept in and will have a leisurely breakfast. I think I'll laze in the sun on the deck because I don't have to go in the garage today. YAY!

See what a week I have had. That's no way to treat a dog, right?

Love, Neglected Cinnamon

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Coonhounds - Best of Show!

Best of MY show!
So a beagle won. Score one for the hounds. But I, and my coonie friends, are worthy of best of show too!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cinnamon Visits a Nursing Home

Here I am at the nursing home being the center of attention.
I always thought I should be a therapy dog. I love people and they love me. And I especially love people in wheel chairs because they are at my level and like to reach out and pet me.

So Sunday I had quite an adventure and a taste of what it might be like to be a therapy dog. I do get tired of chasing squirrels and would like to do some volunteer work.

We were headed out for a walk on a really sunny day but first my owner wanted to see our friends at a nursing home in Salmon Creek, right near the walk.

I was told to stay in the car, in the shade, and so I settled in for a nap while she visited with George and his wife. I was kind of sad because I really like them, especially when they come to parties at my house.

George was stuck at the nursing home having PT so he could get stronger and go home. So, anyway, my owner was gone for awhile.

All of as sudden my owner came back, unlocked the car door and GOT ME! I WAS GOING TO GO INSIDE AND VISIT! Yay! I trotted right up to the door and went up to the desk. We had to fill out some papers. Then something good happened. THE LADY HAD TREATS IN HER DESK DRAWER AND GAVE ME ONE! Score! This was getting good.

As soon as I went inside, people started petting me and telling me about their dogs. I brought smiles to their faces and that made me feel really good. Therapy Dog Cinnamon.... it has a nice ring to it!

So we went past the nurses station and the staff got all excited and wanted to pet me. This was why it was taking a long time to find my friend George.

Finally we found George and his wife and started visiting. People who were patients asked to pet me. Then my owner and our friends started talking. Yack, yack, yack. I got sleepy waiting and almost fell asleep on my feet! It was pretty quiet there... not a lot going on. I suppose I was the best thing that had happened that day!

We visited and visited and then it was time to leave. I hope George will be home soon because I really like his neighborhood and want to visit him there. I think he'd be happier there too. Maybe we could have coffee at Mon Ami?

So we took off and went for the walk. I actually liked my visit to the nursing home. I might do that again!

Love, Cinnamon