Wednesday, March 2, 2016

They measured it wrong!

Honestly. Wasn't it a 6K?
Hi everybody. It's me, Cinnamon. Today I went on a volksmarch in my home town of Vancouver, Washington. In fact it was very close to my house. But I went anyway. I love the people. They greet me and pet me and we walk as a group.

But today, even though things started out really good, I got tired. When we got to Fred Meyer to sign up for the walk, I saw my friend Ed. I looked around for Dick and Carolyn but they weren't there. So we signed up and then walked around sniffing the flowers and plants that were for sale. I saw my friend Louise in the herbs section so we had to go sniff around those plants too.

It seemed like forever that we had to wait. But then it was picture time and time to head out following Joe Titone. He leads us. I prefer to walk right behind him.

It was a nice walk through the neighborhoods filled with spring flowers and cherry blossoms. I was really well behaved (unlike Francesca) and walked straight ahead with the group. When we weren't all that far from the end, I got tired and wanted to leave the group and lounge around on the grass. But we kept walking. Finally, we got back to Fred Meyer and I headed to the car and a well-earned nap.

Now I like volksmarching but I am a 5K dog. I really think this was a 6 K. Anyone else agree with me?

Love, Tired Cinnamon


  1. Maybe your owner should put a pedometer on your collar! I'm a 5Ker too!

  2. Cinnamon says she KNOWS it was 6K and she doesn't do 6K!

  3. Sounds like dey snuck sum extra length onto dat walk!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon