Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sour Grapes Cinnamon: She went to THE BEACH!

Here I am sulking.
I haven't written much lately because I have been away. And then after I came back, I found out something that really annoyed me.

Here's the story:

One day we packed up to go somewhere. I found out soon, as we headed east on Hwy 14, that we were going to the Doggie Country Club out in Washougal. Now that's a great place to go and I trotted in willingly. It was fun to see my human friends and meet a few new dogs. Francesca must have played with every dog there. She's such a Play Girl!

So when our owner came to pick us up, I found out something. There was sand and seagrass in the car! SHE WENT TO THE BEACH!

Here's where she went. It was The Boreas Inn, a luxury B&B in Long Beach, WA
So I have been sulking around, even in the sunny weather. I just sulk, sunbathe and wish I could go to the beach too. It turned out that she went to a fancy place that doesn't allow dogs (or even cats). So she couldn't take us.

She said she missed us and petted every dog she met on the Discovery Trail where she walked. Or so she says!

And after she unpacked and got the sand out of her shoes, she gave us this little tile. She visited artist Don Nisbitt in Ilwaco and picked out this "fisherdog" tile. Now I was excited to receive a gift that reminded me of my fishing adventures. But then she went and put it on the stove right by her other tiles. Bummer!
Is it a gift if she puts it where we can't see it without
jumping up and putting our paws on the counter?
Oh well, maybe we'll get to go somewhere soon. I sure hope so. Meanwhile I am suffering from what they call "sour grapes!"

Love, Cinnamon

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