Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Flooding and We Got New Raincoats!

Well, you all know that Cinnamon and I live in Southwest Washington right across the river from Portland, Oregon, right? Well, in case you haven't heard, we've had so much rain that it's flooding in some places, including streets near me. So we've been sticking close to home lately.

I don't mind the rain. I pretty much ask to go outside whenever I'm bored. That can be about 10 times in an hour! So my owner has let me out in the rain and has a pile of wet towels to show for it.

Ding Dong... the doorbell rang. And on our porch a package appeared. It was from Lands' End. We opened up the package and saw two yellow coats. Oh no! Cinnamon had told me about coats. She doesn't like them. But our owner thought having us wear raincoats would save on towels.

I was the first to try the yellow and blue coat on because Cinnamon was sulking in the corner. She knew what was coming. It fit perfectly. It is held on by velcro. Now I wasn't sure I liked it when I first went outside. But when I realized that my whole back was kept dry, I decided to allow the wearing of the raincoat. I posed for a picture in my new coat:

Here I am looking all nautical.
Then Cinnamon tried hers on. She wasn't pleased. Here is her picture (check out her expression!)
"Get this thing offa me", she said
So we walked around the yard trying to get used to the coats. Miracle of miracles, both of us found out that we weren't so wet. We could stay out longer and sniff around for wet squirrels and such!

Here we are all suited up for whatever the storm will bring.
Cinnamon thinks her coat makes her look fat!
When we went back inside, our owner took the jackets off and hung them up to dry. No towels! So that's my rainy day story.

Love, Francesca

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