Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cinnamon and Francesca's Excellent Christmas

Hi everybody. I sure hope you all had a Feliz Navidad because I sure did. It all began with sleeping in. That's my favorite thing to do! It was chilly outside so I wasn't in a hurry to get up. And, I didn't know that we would have presents! (But we did!)

Sleeping is a very good thing on a chilly day.

So after I woke up, we both went outside and checked for squirrel trails in the yard. We were very surprised when we noticed the scent and sound of a big dog right next door.

Now we are used to the teeny little dog named Cheri. But this was something new.

All of a sudden the dog charged the fence barking at us. Imagine, barking at us in OUR yard! So what did we do? We forgot all our Christmas kindness and charged the fence right back at him barking and baying. Francesca even summoned up her bouncy super powers and jumped at the fence. Soon he was gone. I guess we scared him!

After all that excitement it was time for Christmas breakfast. Well, if kibble can be considered Christmas breakfast. We ate it anyway.
We'd been eyeing these two presents
hoping they would be for us!

Then our owner went to the radio cabinet and picked up two turquoise gifts. We were getting really excited. They were for US!

She gave us the gifts and we tore into the wrappings.  As soon as we saw what was inside, we high-tailed it for our room carrying the gifts.

Francesca took hers to her bed to unwrap and I took mine under the table.

These were really GOOD gifts! And we didn't want to chance it that the big dog next door would see them and steal them!

So we got them totally unwrapped and I had a new moose toy that sqeaked. My old one got torn up because we both played with it all summer. And Francesca got a grey squirrel toy that squeaked. We love those squeaky toys. Also in the present were two new squeaky balls. But we were so excited about the toys, we ignored the balls.
Here's Francesca ripping into her present
Here I am with my new squeaky moose!
After we played with our toys for awhile, we got to go to the dog park! Everyone there said Merry Christmas to us. Francesca went squirrel hunting and I went around saying Merry Christmas to all the people. I was full of Christmas cheer and grateful for the gifts and the outing.

After that we went home to take a nap. The house was nice and warm and we enjoyed our nap and dreamed of Christmas dinner!

And we got just what we dreamed about! We had kibble topped with cut up chicken sausage. We had smelled the sausage earlier when our owner was making her special breakfast and had hoped there would be some for us. And there was!

After dinner we were having such a great time. We went into the TV room and played tug-o-war. We got all our toys out including the new ones. It was a great toy time!
Here we are playing. You'll notice how seriously I take this game.
And, I won!
By then I was getting really tired so I trotted off to bed. That's what I do when I'm sleepy. Francesca stayed up and then fell asleep with her head on our owner's lap. She's a big cuddle bunny. Me? not so much. She was full of Christmas cheer and ended her day just the way she wanted to... cuddling.
Francesca falls asleep after a great Christmas day.
So I think this was one of the best Christmases I have ever had. We got to do DOG THINGS all day. Isn't that the way it should be?

Love, Cinnamon

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