Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cinnamon's Year in Review - 2015

It's getting to be the end of the year. It's a time I reflect on what brought me here... the times alone, on the streets of Santa Fe as the snow fell and it was getting very cold. I was adopted in the winter and so that is what I think about when I am alone in my cushy bed having trouble getting to sleep.

Life has been good since then. I've traveled across the country and had some wonderful experiences. 2015 was another good year. Here are my top memories of 2015:

THE BEACH! I love the beach with smells of dead crabs and drying seaweed. I love getting the sand between my toes. I enjoy going to Long Beach, Washington because they are very dog friendly. I've stayed at several places that accept dogs. My favorite things to do are to walk the Discovery Trail and run on the beach avoiding the waves. I don't even mind when the wind kicks up and I get sand in my eyes.
Here I am at the beach checking out the razor clams.
The Farmers Market Vancouver, my home town (now), has a great Farmer's Market. The best part about the market is that they allow dogs! Of course I am always on my best behavior there. I look longingly at each booth as we pass by in hopes of getting samples. And sometimes I do! My owner's favorite things are the flowers, jams and local produce. I like Olympia Provisions and the salmon people!
Here I am hoping for Salmon samples at the Farmer's Market
Dog Parks! This year I continued to enjoy the Clark County dog parks. Clark Dog Paw, a non-profit, works with Vancouver and Clark County to maintain the best dog parks I have ever seen. I like the Brush Prairie Dog park with green grass, lots of running space and a view of Mt. Hood. It's my happy place!

Here I am looking all gorgeous at the Dog Park.
Francesca I'll bet you are surprised that I would mention Francesca in my list of memories, but I have to. From the day we picked her up from Animal Control, she's been a problem. I've worked hard to train her... to let her know what is mine and what is hers. And to let her know when she has to stop bugging me! But now I call her my buddy. When she goes to Day Care (because she can't be trusted home alone), I actually am happy to see her when she gets home.
Here we are bringing Francesca home.
Christmas Christmas was pretty special this year. We had a visit from our Country Cousins which includes Indy! We also got PRESENTS! Christmas day was spent doing things we enjoy like opening gifts, playing with new toys, going to the dog park and getting some treats. I like Christmas!
Here I am with my Christmas gift.
There was much more going on in 2015, some good and some bad, but all in all it was a very good year. I am hoping that 2016 brings more travel, food testing and more toys!

Love, Cinnamon

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