Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow at MY HOME!

Yesterday, I got a real shock. It started snowing! Now, I am used to snow because I grew up in Santa Fe. I loved the look of the snow on the adobe walls. I loved the smell of the pinon burning in the kiva fireplaces. There are some things I really miss about HOME.

But in Vancouver, Washington, my new home, I found out there was snow too! It got cold and then it started to spit little balls of ice and, by afternoon, the fluffly flakes were coming down.

I kept busy, though.

When it started snowing I looked up and down the street for CATS!
I was hoping the snow would make them easier to see. I love to bark at them.

By afternoon it was starting to snow huge flakes. Even the kitties stayed away. 
Since I am well behaved, I went out in the snow to use the outhouse... without complaining.
Here I am checking for squirrels and looking, generally, very pretty!
By night it was quiet. It looked like a little Christmas village.

This morning while I slept in the squirrel got into my yard and started eating bird food.
The food is FOR THE BIRDS!
Mid morning I got to go for a walk out in front and scare a kitty! Arooo!
They say more snow is on the way. I'm ready. I have my toys and lots of food. I'm stocked up. I am boycotting the Olympics, like most dogs, but there is always the news and the Pet Channel! I'll keep you posted on my Facebook Page (unless the electricity goes out!).

Love, Cinnamon


  1. Go Cinnamon !!! Catch snow flakes on the nose :)

    Jim, Duke, Ralph & Isla Beagle , In NH

  2. We got some snow here too - not very much, but it were fun.


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon