Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How I rescued my owner and ended up in a loving home #sayitwithmilkbone

Before I was adopted, my owner worked too hard
and didn't get out much. She didn't have a dog to love her.
Before I was adopted, I just know my owner was lonely. She had friends, for sure, but no special someone to share her everyday life with. Most of her friends had dogs but she didn't. She worked too hard to make ends meet. She needed to improve her quality of life (and, if you've read my adoption story, you know I needed to improve MY quality of life!)

So when she decided to volunteer at the shelter to walk dogs, I took it upon myself to steal her heart. And, being an active coon hound, I figured I'd keep her very, very busy. Busy people don't get lonely, do they?

One day she came through the shelter and I pushed my long lean legs and coonie paws under the gate to my kennel (to be truthful, it was more like a jail cell). She noticed. She started to feel sorry for me. But that was part of the ploy. 

She went to the desk and asked about me. They said they didn't know much and that I had just gotten to the adoption center from surgery. They said if she was careful, she could take me to the play yard. I heard them talking and perked up my ears. I promised to be careful and to avoid running and jumping. I wanted to get well and I wanted to be adopted!

Once I was adopted we went walking in the arroyo
almost every day.
Once we got out there, I was very loving and leaned against her legs so she'd pet me. I was so well-behaved that she took notice of me and came back two more times before she adopted me! It was going to work. I was going to save this lady from her dog-deficient, lonely life.

Once I settled in, I could tell that I made her happy. We walked in the arroyo together (she rarely did that alone). We went to the pet supply store together (she now had a reason to buy toys and things like Milk-Bone® brand dog snacks). She even took me for rides in the countryside. I was great company and never got car sick!

Here we are in the mountains on a hot day. I'm taking loving care of her!
She went hiking with her friends and their little dogs and took me too! Everyone on the trail commented on how well-behaved I was. (How could you not love a dog like me?)

When it was hot in town, I took her up to a little creek in the mountains to cool off.

I sure do keep her busy. I am so self-sacrificing. I let her keep me stocked up with Milk-Bone biscuits. I keep her busy opening and closing the back door. I help her get exercise at the dog park (they should call it the people-park because that is where we bring our people!). 

I even let her give me a bath once in awhile. I work hard to help her with cooking her meals (well, I help by offering to take care of any leftovers) and bring her toys to play with. She thinks she's keeping me busy, but actually it's the other way around!

I have to admit we are both better off for having found each other. Our lives are filled with routine chores, activities, play and loving companionship. For me, every day is Valentine's Day. I am one lucky dog.
Here's information on the contest. You can enter here.
We dogs love to feel loved and making us feel loved helps our people feel useful!  Try this... When you go to the store, make your owner happy. You should ask them to grab a box of Milk-Bone dog biscuits.  You can also enter a contest for a year's supply of Milk-Bone dog snacks and $1,000 cash prize!  No purchase necessary. That should make you both feel loved!

Love, Cinnamon

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  1. Yes, Cinnamon you are one lucky coonhound and your owner is even luckier to have you in her life! Happy Valentines Day!


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