Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Snow! Time for Comfort Food

It snowed yesterday and the day before. And at night it is really cold. So we don't go out much (well, farther than the street in front of the house). We can't go to the store and we can't go through a burger drive-up (I love that!). So what did we do last night? We cooked! And I did my very best to help.

Here I am helping. See, I stay back from the stove in case the oil spatters.
And I stand watch in case something falls to the floor and needs a coonie clean-up crew!

I think chicken is a great comfort food. I know I would be much more comfortable if I got a whole piece of fried chicken for dinner (hint, hint)

Here's the chicken cooking away in the frying pan.
I think I would like that piece on the right with the pepper on it. OK?
When you make chicken, you have to drain it and put it in a paper towel so it isn't greasy. For good measure we put it in the oven at 300 degrees for awhile so it would be extra done and crispy. By that time my mouth was really watering.

Here I am looking extra pitiful. Can I have a whole piece please? Now?
Well, time came for dinner and a salad was added to the chicken. Now I don't like salad so there should be more chicken for me right? I begged and looked ever so pitiful. I tried my hardest. But before she took the chicken out of the oven she filled my bowl with..... chicken! Now, don't think I got my way. The bowl was filled with Evanger's chicken and brown rice kibble

I was horrified. After all the help I gave her in the kitchen... I get kibble? I ate my kibble of course and then watched her eat dinner. I have to admit that she gave me a BITE OF CHICKEN... ONE BITE! And, for that, I should be grateful?

I am ready for the snow to stop and the fun at the dog park to begin. Only then will I quit obsessing with comfort food.

Hungry Cinnamon


  1. One bite??? OMD, da horrors! You deserve more dan dat!

  2. Cinnamon says: "That's what I thought, Whitley!"


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon