Friday, November 18, 2016

A Dog Bed Thanksgiving

Well, I was completely surprised when the mail arrived today. Two huge boxes were on the porch and they were for Francesca and ME!

Gone are the times when I got to pick out my own dog bed. Gone are the times when I got to post a poll and take reader input on the color. When we need a bed, they just appear!

So, I figured it was about time. Francesca had started tearing in to her bed. The cover was so thin she could see the foam underneath. They were big beds, but the top layer was thin. (You get what you pay for!). And she started digging at the foam. There were little pieces of foam all over the floor.

Here's Francesca trying to get comfortable.
Note the little piece of foam on the floor to the left.
That's what she did to her old bed.
So we opened the boxes. Inside were two pretty beds with Fair Isle printed covers. They were deeper than the old ones and cushier. But, oh dear, they were smaller. I think our owner is tired of our beds taking up over half of the office. It leads to lazy writing!

I'm not sure this bed is big enough!

So we are testing these smaller beds. They are good for coonie balls, but what if we want to stretch out? You don't suppose we'd have to sleep on the floor do you... on the rug?

Stay tuned and I'll let you know if I can adjust. Francesca seems to have adjusted just fine.
Check this out. Francesca can stretch out to about 5 feet tall on her hind legs.
But she's managed to take only half the bed up when she gets in a coonie ball.

I might be thankful this Thanksgiving. Or I might not!

Love, Cinnamon

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