Sunday, October 30, 2016

On Wine Dogs and Winery Dogs

There's a book out... Wine Dogs of the USA. My owner saw it at Wy'East Vineyards when she visited recently. I always thought I was a Wine Dog and the dogs that lived at wineries were Winery Dogs. Well, that's certainly something I need to study up on. I decided it would be a fun thing to do when I started looking at my owner's Instagram photos from last week. There were lots of dogs in those photos and I wasn't in one of them!

In fact Francesca and I were at the Doggie Country Club (AGAIN!) while she toured, did her research, took photos and tasted wine.

My interest in being a wine dog started several years ago when I got to go to Canada. We visited some wineries in the Okanagan area. I usually waited in the car but at one winery things looked so relaxing I decided to bark my head off and invite myself to the party.
Here I am out of the car and joining the party.
Then I really got into it. At the next winery I was invited inside. It was a dog friendly winery and people even wanted to pet me! There's something about wine that makes people really nice!
Here I am getting petted at the winery
I also liked to walk in the vineyards. Here I am sniffing around while my owner takes photos of the view. So the Okanagan Wine Country of Canada was my first experience of being a wine dog.

At another dog friendly winery, I spotted this calendar... Winery Dogs of B.C. No one would buy one for me but I put it on my Christmas list. You see... this is where I decided that Winery Dogs lived at wineries and Wine Dogs just visited. I was a Wine Dog.
So I guess my owner forgot about all of this when she went touring in the Columbia Gorge Wine Country. She went to Wy'East Vineyards and was greeted by one of their winery dogs, a white dog with blue eyes. The dog was so loved, and so famous he had his picture painted. It was hung on the tasting room wall.

And that wasn't the end of the dogs during that trip. She saw dogs out hiking, dogs visiting wineries, dogs at restaurants and dogs on farms.

This dog is on the patio at Mt. Hood Winery
This is a Wine Dog who is just visiting.
So I wasn't a bit surprised when she included some pictures of dogs in her article about the Columbia Gorge Fall Wine Trail.

This all got me thinking. I think I want to go with her next time she follows a wine trail or goes to a winery. Many wineries are dog friendly. And I, Cinnamon, am an INTERNATIONAL WINE DOG!

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