Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ferry Dog Once More! Riding the Washington State Ferries

I just got the good news. I'm riding a Washington State Ferry in just about a week! I am so excited!

When I traveled in Haida Gwaii, I learned how to be a FerryDog. In order to get from the mainland to these remote islands, we had to take an overnight ferry. That meant I had to stay in the car and sleep during the crossing. Now I didn’t like it when the hull creaked, the horn sounded and the loudspeaker announcements were made, but I managed to just deal with it. 
Here's the huge overnight ferry I rode on
Here I am sleeping in the car. I got annoyed because of the sounds all night.
After the big ferry we had to take a little ferry too.
Why did I just deal with it? Well I loved Haida Gwaii. The beaches were full of seaweed, shells, crabs and leftover fish (the parts the eagles missed) and I could go wading. I loved my time there!

Here I am tidepooling in Haida Gwaii
So now, as we plan our luxury vacation in Anacortes and SanJuan Island, I’m involved in the planning. I asked to take a ferry where I could ride on the deck with my ears flying in the wind And Washington State Ferries allows that! Here’s their pet policy.

So we made a ferry reservation online to travel from Anacortes to Friday Harbor and back again.

We will stay in Anacortes, where they have some great places to walk, and take the ferry over the next morning. I’m looking forward to every bit of my luxury getaway. It’s been too long since I had a vacation without Francesca!

Love, Cinnamon

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  1. I have ridden the anacortes ferry. Its rather small for the ride. And the other car ferries from Seattle are huge to move cargo and people to the islands. Never rode on a BC Ferry, but your picture looks like a smaller ferry for the canadian san juans and victoria. :)


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon