Saturday, September 17, 2016

About Feast Portland and a Starving Coon Hound

Here I am after opening a box of food.
I get two meals a day at home but add in lunch
at day care because I play so hard.
Hi, it's me, Francesca, the Coonhound. I'm writing today to tell you about yesterday. I didn't write last night because, frankly, I was too wiped out.

Yesterday started out great. I had breakfast and went to A Dog's Best Friend, my favorite Day Care. I go there once in awhile while my owner is away for the day. I run, play and have a nice lunch to sustain me through the day. So I was looking forward to playing.

Yesterday, lunchtime came and they didn't call my name. Whoa!!!! No lunch for Francesca? What was that all about. I hadn't a clue because I always get lunch at day care.

As the afternoon dragged on, I went up to the people that work there and let them know I WAS HUNGRY. I laid on their laps, made goo-goo eyes and even licked them on the face. And I still didn't get lunch. You see, not all the dogs want lunch there. So they didn't know.

By 4:30 I was about starved to death when my owner FINALLY SHOWED UP! I got a treat in the office and then jumped in the car. It was at that point that my owner and I spied MY LUNCH BAG in the back of the car. SHE HAD FORGOTTEN TO TAKE IT IN! I was so hungry I decided to let my owner know about it all the way home. I barked my loudest bark as soon as we left the parking lot. All the way down the street I barked and barked.
Am I dead? Starved to death?
You be the judge!

As soon as we got home, I ran to the dining room (I always eat just outside the dining room door. I didn't say hi to Cinnamon, I didn't run around the yard, I didn't pass go... I just got in position for DINNER!

I barked obnoxiously to urge my owner to hurry up and feed me. After all I was starving. Rather quickly I got my meal and enjoyed every morsel.

After dinner, I had a chat with my owner about her day. It was then that I found out what she had been doing AND IT MADE IT ALL WORSE!

She had been to Feast Portland events.... eating! Eating lots! First she went to the media breakfast at Gracie's at the Hotel de Luxe where they had pastries, French toast and sausage from Olympia Provisions.... she wasn't adventuresome enough to try the Octopus Benedict!
Here's what Octopus Benedict looks like. I would have been happy to have some.
The chefs at Gracie's know how to cook!
And after that she went to a luncheon sponsored by Washington Wines at Super Bite. Get this, it was a 15 course tasting lunch. Yes, 15 (that wasn't a typo). She enjoyed such delights as Salmon and Albacore Cerviche and Whole Fried Trout topped with crab and BBQ Beef Shortrib.... all things I would love to share.
A dog would love just a bite of this Fried Whole Trout
From Super Bite.

I love seafood. Super Bite knows how to make it pretty!
And after all that, she didn't bring us a thing! She did this while I was STARVING!

So today, Saturday, Feast Portland continues. This afternoon she is going to Smoked! where they have all sorts of grilled meats and dishes cooked over an open fire. I'm making sure I have dinner before she leaves.

And, I have a plan. I am sending her there with two sandwich bags... one for me and one for Cinnamon. I am telling her to fill them with morsels of meat from the famous chefs that will be there. Those little doggie bags from Smoked! should at least partially make up for my day of hunger yesterday.

Love, Francesca

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