Friday, September 30, 2016

Cinnamon Gets Ready for Her Dog Friendly Vacation to Anacortes and San Juan Island

Hi Everybody. It’s Cinnamon the vacay dog here! I’ve been getting ready for my exciting trip to Anacortes and San Juan Island. I started researching where I wanted to go and all of a sudden I found myself headed for the bathtub…. and a dratted bath! I make like I hate them but once in the tub the rubbing and scrubbing feels kinda nice. 

So once I was finished with that chore, I went outside to air dry and sit in the sun. Of course Francesca was very interested in what had happened to me. She got all excited and wanted to help me run and dry off. Then she smelled me and said, "Phew! You smell like flowery perfume!" At that point she started teasing me... "Nah, nah, na, nah, na... stinky Cinnamon!"

Well I put a stop to that when I reminded her that I was leaving HER at the Doggie Country Club while I, Cinnamon, took a luxury vacation. You know, walk along the marina in Anacortes, a ferry ride and a luxury suite in Friday Harbor as home base. Well, that shut her up. The rest of the afternoon was quiet and I got to sit in the sun and dry off. Francesca went to her hidey-hole in the corner of the yard and sulked.

Here I am basking in the sun after my bath when Francesca comes up to smell me.

When I get to Friday Harbor I'll be checking into my Penthouse at Island Inn 123 West. Yes, Penthouse! That's why I call this a luxury vacation. I'll be checking out yachts in Anacortes, cruising on a ferry and staying at a very special place. I might even do a little wine tasting and shopping for lavender products. I'll be posting photos on Instagram and telling you all about it here.

I'd better go pack. Should I take my lifejacket? (I have one, you know!)

More Information on Where Cinnamon is Going

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