Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cinnamon's New House: Not What I Expected

Well, I finally believe I have a new house, although I'm still sleeping in the old one. So it's a bit confusing. Let me tell you what I know and.... I HAVE PICTURES!

So last evening, about sunset time, we loaded some things in the car. As an afterthought, I was loaded in too. I had to fit with the plants in the back seat. And, I had to play limbo with a rake handle... but that's ok. It was a short ride.
Here I am playing limbo with the rake handle while we get gas.

We stopped at Freddie's for gasoline. I thought, since gas prices were so low, we should go on a big road trip. But nooooo, we were going to see the new house!

We pulled up in front on the real estate office and I waited and waited. I finally laid down. All of a sudden the door opened and it was my owner... with the keys!

By the time we got to the house, it was dark. We opened the garage with the garage door opener. It was empty! I got out and sniffed around. Then, I got to go inside the house. I trotted from room to room checking things out. I found "my room." It was smaller than I had hoped and had 1980's carpet in it. The window was too high for me to look out and see anything. So I was disappointed. It was cold in the house. I yearned for my big house with the wall to wall carpeting and furnace.
Here's my new room. The carpet needs updating and the walls need a paint job.
Other than that, it will have to do.

I've never had a fireplace like this before.
Is this where Santa Claus comes with the presents?
Then we went to the sliding glass door. I was kind of excited. But didn't expect much. It was dark so I couldn't see but, you know me, I sure can sniff! So out I went... on to a huge deck! And then I took off like a flash. I smelled squirrels and there was grass to romp around on. I ran lickety split down the long grass toward the bushes. I was in hunting mode and thought the squirrels were hiding in there.
Here I am checking out the yard. That squirrel must be somewhere!

It was fun. I COULD ACTUALLY RUN IN MY YARD! I checked out all the bushes, poked around behind the shed and finally gave up. I LIKE MY NEW HOME. I HAVE A REAL YARD!
Here I am checking the bushes in one of the corners. No squirrel.

So I'll ignore the small rooms, and the laminate flooring that I might slide on. I'll ignore that there is a bath tub there and I'll ignore that the window in my room is too high. I think I'll like it. But I want to see it in the daylight to be sure.

Today we're going to rake leaves. I'll help by running through them and compacting them.

Love, Cinnamon the gardener

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