Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cinnamon's New House: It's Good for Me!

After being pretty disappointed last night, we went to see the new house again in daylight. I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

MY YARD IS REALLY BIG! As soon as I got outside, I started to run. I ran down one side of the yard and back on the other. I hopped on the decks. I sniffed for squirrels. I rolled in "whatever" and most of all I had a great time.
Here I am running and leaping off one of the decks

I was having such a great time on my new lawn (filled with fall leaves) that we decided to play ball. I had my favorite squeaky ball there and I ran with it... like the wind!
Here I am all wound up with my ball.

Wind? Oh yes, today was an extremely windy day. I am sure it set some sort of records. The trees were all moving and lots of branches came down. When branches weren't coming down, I got deluged with branches and evergreen needles. It was kind of exciting.
Here I am rolling around having so much fun!

I played ball like I have never played ball before. I ran and ran and ran! I was loving my yard. And after that, I was ready for brunch.

Today I ate brunch outside on the deck. It was sunny for awhile so I thought it would be fun.
Here I am eating brunch ouside.

Later on it got rather chilly. The cold weather was moving in. So I asked to come inside and I found a nice warm sunbeam to sit in. If we had nice carpeting, I would have laid down. But all we had was the laminate flooring.
Found a sunbeam. Yep, I did!

I got so much exercise that, when I returned to my old home, I fell asleep on my turquoise bench. Then, after dinner, I went upstairs without even getting the zoomies. I was ready for bed!

Love, Cinnamon with the big yard

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