Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is Cinnamon Moving?

Something happened today. While we were at the dog park and I was sniffing around, things moved in the world of real estate. All I heard was that our documents were being sent to the title company. Well, that doesn't mean a whole lot to me, Cinnamon.

So I asked. ARE WE GETTING A NEW HOUSE? The answer was YES! Now the details are not, and have not, been forthcoming, so I'll share with you what I know and what is important to me.

This house has a regular yard and TWO DECKS to sleep on. It has grass like the Country Cousins yard. You know, that's where I hunt for frogs. The little ones jump around in the grass after a rain.

I don't know where my bed will go. I don't know where my crate will go. But I'll bet I don't get my own room. Such is downsizing!

So here's the front:
See, it has a "portal" just like in New Mexico and grass in front.
And here is the side deck:
This is where I plan to lounge when it is sunny out. I'll need some shade. The other deck has lots of sun.
And here is the back yard:
I guess my owner will be mowing the grass
because I can't eat all this! Also note that there is an anti-squirrel
device on the bird feeder. You know what that means!

Here's the shed where we can keep my outdoor toys!
So that's all I know. I will be glad to romp around on that grass and chase a ball in the yard. I can't do that here. I just chase squirrels and cats out of the yard. That's all the fun I get!

Now I think I'll go take a nap. Too much excitement!

Love, Cinnamon


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    1. I don't know why I capitalized da "I" in like..oops.

    2. I would have never noticed if you hadn't said anything! Besides you have your own language!


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