Monday, October 3, 2016

Headed for Anacortes and San Juan Island - Dog-friendly Travel

Hey everybody. I'm all packed and ready to go. This morning when Francesca went to the Doggie Country Club I was really sad. Not that she was going, but that I was, somehow, missing out on something good.
Can I take my ball too?
But as soon as we got back home and packed my things, my mood brightened because then I realized I'M GOING ON A TRIP! I love trips. I am looking forward to walking along the marina in Anacortes and looking for a mural with a dog in it. They have a whole bunch of murals there!
This is only part of what I packed.
I also took our new toy and a nylabone.
And then there is the ferry ride tomorrow. I'm up for that! I have my float jacket and everything. I'm a salty dog, remember?

I'll be posting on Instagram and writing articles about my trip. So wish me well!

Love Cinnamon, the Travel Writer

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