Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Dogcation: Escape to Central Oregon

Sometimes a dog's just gotta get away. That's what I decided last 4th of July when my beautiful wooded neighborhood turned in to a war zone. The noise lasted a good part of the week and came to a rousing crescendo on July 4th. I think humans were celebrating something, but it was hard to be to get into the mood. I was cowering in my bunker in the master bathroom most of the time.
4th of July 2015 was horrible!
So this year was completely different. We had already researched fireworks-free vacation areas. I couldn't go to the beach because they allowed fireworks. I couldn't go to my country cousin's home because they allowed fireworks, and besides, they moved into a tiny place.

So we found just the place. A place that is so dry, they never allow fireworks. It was Sunriver, Oregon. In fact, Sunriver has a company that specializes in dog-friendly vacation home rentals. We got on the Bennington Properties website and found a house that would be perfect for our 4th of July grand exit from Vancouver, WA. Here's a list of their "Dog-loving Vacation Rentals." And here's the house we chose. We did everything online and our Dogcation was all arranged a year before.
Here's our rental house. We rented it on July 5th, 2015
So the day finally came. July 1st, to be exact. I had already heard a few pops so I knew it was time to get going. We packed the car with our beds, food, leashes and toys. We were loaded down so I got to ride shotgun with Francesca in the crate in the back.
Here I am. I'm in charge of the GPS.
It was a long ride... about 3 hours. When we pulled up, the house was all ready for us. We had to stay on a tie-out for a little bit while our owner unpacked. Francesca got in trouble because the tie-out was long enough for her to bust in on the neighbor's deck party while they were having chips and salsa. Needless to say, she didn't get any. Our tie-outs were promptly moved to the back of the house. When we got inside we saw our beds in place in the living room and something very interesting on the kitchen counter.
Welcome treats!
Things were looking up. However, at dinnertime, I wasn't very hungry. All that driving made my tummy a bit queasy. So I just wanted to rest. Francesca was already complaining because it was hotter in Sunriver than it was at home.
Francesca was hot so she laid down next to the A/C vent
Soon it was bedtime. We were both very tired after the trip. We were glad to see our beds and toys.
Here we are on our beds with NO fireworks to bother us!
Before we went to sleep, Francesca and I read the Sunriver magazine and picked out some activities. We thought a boat trip on the Deschutes River sounded nice and cool, and the 4th of July parade, which included dogs, would be worth seeing.

So what did we do on our vacation? Read Part II and find out!

Love, Cinnamon

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