Monday, July 18, 2016

Cinnamon at the Blessing of the Animals in Portland's Grotto

Yesterday was a very special day. I was lazing around the backyard when my owner came to the door calling my name. I didn't come at first because, well, I was busy being lazy. But when I looked up and saw that she had my flower lei in her hand, I knew something was up.
Here I am lazing around the backyard with Francesca
I got all dressed up and got in the car. We headed across the bridge to Portland. We parked at a beautiful wooded place and I looked outside. There were dogs walking everywhere. They seemed to be headed somewhere. Was it a concert? Was it a dog show? I had no idea.

But when we got out I saw a sign: The Grotto of the Sorrowful MotherI got really excited. Ever since Pope Francis was reported as saying that DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, I have been a good Catholic dog. But I never was allowed to go to church. That made me sad. But today things were different.

I was welcomed in to this beautiful place of peace and serenity. I noticed right away that Francesca wasn't going. She wouldn't know how to behave in a place of peace and serenity!

More and more dogs came. I saw a little puppy in a man's arms. We walked to the beautiful grotto in the rocks and noticed all the dog bowls that were placed there. They all had water in them. (I checked).
Here is the shrine.
Someday when it's not so crowded I want to go say a prayer
and light a candle for all the dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
A nice man gave us a program and petted me. We sat down in front on a green bench. Soon my friends Elaine and Julie showed up with Winny, the Italian Greyhound. Winny was a little scared but I wasn't. I was proud to be there all dressed up. I had my picture taken near the altar.
Here I am practicing how to stand when
it is my turn to see the priest and receive a blessing.
While we were sitting on the bench, a man in brown robes came by and stopped to talk to me and pet me. I was thrilled... I love attention!
They really love animals at The Grotto
So then the music started and we paid attention to the songs and to the leader. We all prayed:
"Oh God, you love us so much that you give life to us and to all creatures. We thank you for the gift of the animals we care most about, our pets." All the songs and prayers thanked God for us. It made me feel very important! I loved the song, All Things Bright and Beautiful. "All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful: The Lord God made them all!"
Here I am listening to the music
During the songs, the Basset Hound near me started singing too. I decided to keep my mouth shut and behave myself so I would be invited back!

So after the final prayer, it was time to be brought forward for the blessing. Winny got in line first and then I went. I was very careful not to snap at the dogs around me, no matter how annoying they might be. I was on my best behavior.

When it was finally my turn, the priest reached his hand out toward me but then he surprised me by sprinkling water on my head with a cedar branch. I wasn't expecting that! I regained my composure and walked on, though.

Elaine filmed the whole ceremony and here it is so you can see how well-behaved I was!
Love and Blessings, Cinnamon

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