Thursday, February 25, 2016

Francesca, the Permanent Dog

Hi everyone. It's me, Francesca. I've been laying low since recovering from pneumonia. Cinnamon gave me a little time off. But I'm back now, raring to go!

So I got all excited yesterday when I, Francesca, received an envelope in the mail! I opened it and saw.... a round blue disc like the one Cinnamon has. Cinnamon has always teased me about having an inferior license... one from rural Yamhill County. She said I would be with the "in crowd" when I got a Clark County license like she has. So I waited and wondered if my license would ever come.

And there it was... my very own license. And it said, Perm. Dog License. So I guess now I am "permanent." I must have passed all the tests for residency because I have been dubbed a "permanent dog" in Clark County!
See... I am a Perm. Dog.
I can't wait to go to the dog park and show everyone my new license!

I was so happy to have my license, I decided to sleep with it on!
Here's Cinnamon when she got her license.
She was so proud.

Love, Francesca

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