Sunday, February 21, 2016

Couch Covers Save the Day for Shedding Dogs

It's that time of year when we dogs start shedding. Of course, Francesca sheds all year round. She has the longest white hairs I have ever seen for a so-called short-haired dog. I, of course, have nice short hair and don't shed all that much until.... Spring!
Here's how our new couch cover arrived. It even had a photo of a coonhound on it!
You can see to the left the throw we used to put on the couch. It always slipped off.
So we've been putting throws on the couch in the TV room. But they slip off easily. So our owner found something really good. It's a SureFit pet throw and IT DOESN'T SLIDE OFF! Francesca tries and tries to get it to move, but it doesn't.

We got ours in red because our leather couch is red. On the back are little grippers shaped like pet paw prints. And it washes in the washing machine. You just tumble dry low. 

Now we aren't allowed in the living room but you can buy chair sized covers and loveseat sized covers for your other furniture.

Last night I even slept in the TV room on the throw and DIDN'T GET INTO TROUBLE!
Here I am on the couch cover. It is before we washed it so it has Francesca's
hair all over it. Thank goodness it can be washed!

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