Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cinnamon's Weight Loss Program: Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Arooooo!

Well, Thanksgiving is here and everyone is going to be over-eating today except me! I know better. I am hoping for a bit of low calorie turkey this afternoon. No dressing. No pie. No mashed potatoes. Just some low calorie turkey!

It's really cold out so Francesca and I haven't been too keen on spending time outside. That means that my exercise program is not going well. I have been good about limiting treats, however.

Here we are sunbathing on Thanksgiving morning.
We didn't want to go outside until the sun hit the fence!
I talked to Francesca about what we are thankful for. One thing I'm NOT thankful for is my diet! Oh well. I hope to get weighed soon to see if I have lost weight.

Do I look skinny yet?
So what we are most thankful for is a warm home. It never gets cold inside because we have wall heaters. Yay! We are also thankful that we get fed on a regular schedule. Morning and evening... like clockwork.

And we are thankful for Clark DogPaw, the non-profit organization that ensures that we have beautiful fenced dog parks where we can romp with our friends.

Oh yes, Francesca says she is thankful for A Dog's Best Friend Day Care. I don't get to go there but she does. She said it is one huge playfest. And, they have a BIG jar of treats there. (Maybe that is why I don't get to go!)

So have a good Thanksgiving, everyone. And, I'll just sit here and hope for some turkey!

Love, Cinnamon

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