Friday, June 2, 2017

On Volksmarching in Warm Weather

I haven't gone on a volksmarch yet this year. I used to be a great little volksmarcher and had a long list of walks on my volksmarch log. But I didn't go to walks in the winter because it was raining. Now that the sun is out, I'd rather sunbathe in the back yard then get all hot on a volksmarch.
The river was beautiful.
So Francesca goes. This week she went to La Center where she annoyed the people with little dogs who were waiting for the guided walk to start. Once the walk started, she wanted to be the leader and Joe let her do it! But all too soon, after emerging from the shaded woods, she slowed down and started complaining about the heat.
This is the 5K group at La Center, WA
On the up side, Francesca made a friend on the volksmarch... a little dog. Sometimes they walked together and sometimes they ignored each other.
Here's Francesca on the trail with her little walking friend.
Love, Lazy Cinnamon


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