Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bellingham Washington Has a Beer Pub for Dogs!

I convinced them I was of
legal drinking age when we were in
The sign said, Paws for a Beer. Now here’s a place I want to go! I wonder if they serve my favorite brand, Budweiser? I grabbed a taste when I was traveling in Canada and thought it was great. Besides, I am a fan of the Budweiser Clydesdales!

Now, I have to be honest here, I haven’t tried any other brands. I hear they have a Tap Trail in Bellingham so you can sample the craft beer scene. Some of the pubs allow dogs. But here’s the one that is just for dogs and their owners.

Paws for a Beer: Fairhaven’s Off-Leash Dog Bar
So my owner was on a writing trip to Bellingham. She took the train into the Fairhaven Station which is part of Bellingham. Just up the walkway from the station, she ran smack dab into a very interesting place.

There was a sign outside “Paws for a Beer.” And the whole place including the large outside yard was fenced. She went up to the gate and was greeted by Amy and Rylan Schoen and their dogs. Mostly she wanted to pet the dogs because she was missing Francesca and me.

So they invited her in and she saw couches and a bar and lots of beer! The dogs were friendly and wanted to play ball. The biggest dog showed her that he could High 5 his owner… now that’s a smart dog!

And then they showed her outside. There were outdoor tables for the owners to have their beer and a fenced area for the dogs to socialize. I don’t think the dogs get to drink beer but there were plenty of water bowls around.

Dog Membership
Paws for a Beer is open to the public and people like my owner can go in any time. Dogs must have membership status. Membership requires certain current vaccinations and dogs must show they socialize well. It’s kind of like Francesca’s Day Care. You have to be a “nice” dog. Owners have to sign a liability release and agree to follow the rules that are posted on the outside of the building.

Paws for a Beer Cares
The owners of Paws for a Beer are active in the community. They support dog adoption and the Whatcom Humane Society. 

But my favorite thing about this place is that THERE ARE NO CATS ALLOWED!

Believe me, if I ever get up to Bellingham, this is the first place I’ll be headed. In fact, I'd like to do a whole article about dog-friendly Bellingham.

Paws for a Beer
The Subdued Dog Bar

501 Harris Ave
Bellingham, Washington

Love, Cinnamon

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  1. Thank you for such a great post Cinnamon! I am Amy, one of the owners of Paws and we absolutely hope to make it to Paws soon!! Keep in touch


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