Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fight, Fight: Both sides tell their story

Last night, we were outside just being glad that the weather had cooled down. And, then it happened. We will both tell our versions of the BIG FIGHT but of course, I, Cinnamon, am right.

Francesca: She is not

Cinnamon: We were looking around for some toys to play with and our owner brought out the whole toy box. There were balls, torn animal toys and ropes. Too many toys. I spied my favorite grey squirrel toy and decided, to myself, that I would play with that one. All of a sudden Francesca went for that same toy. Why?

Francesca: I like the grey squirrel toy and decided I wanted to play with it and shake it. Cinnamon and I always play tug o war with toys. So what’s the big deal? So what if Cinnamon was going to pick it up!

Cinnamon: I had my eye on the toy and my body language said it was mine. Francesca rushed in and went for it ignoring my body language. So I lunged at her with a big growl to back her off.

Francesca: Usually I back off when Cinnamon lunges at me. Or was she playing? I didn’t know. So I picked up the squirrel toy. Then she came at me again. I got scared and decided to hold my ground. We ended up lunging at each other and rolling around on the ground both at each others’ throats. My adrenaline was running high. I didn’t back off.

Cinnamon: Our owner got scared and tried to break us up but we weren’t paying a bit of attention to her. Just to OUR FIGHT.

Francesca: Cinnamon wouldn’t back off so I couldn’t back off. I could taste her fur in my mouth. By now I had forgotten all about the squirrel toy.

Cinnamon: I was fighting for my life. Francesca wouldn’t back off.

Francesca: I don’t know what happened but somehow our owner broke it up and she was mad at both of us.

Cinnamon: Francesca started it.

Francesca: Did not. I had two tiny spots of blood on my neck so my owner got out the first aid kit and cleaned the whole area. It didn’t smell very good. I wasn’t cut or bleeding. The spots washed off.

Cinnamon: My neck was covered with Francesca’s slobber. I had no cuts or bites but our owner cleaned off my neck with antiseptic anyway.

Francesca: I was panting from the adrenalin rush.

Cinnamon: Our owner put away all the toys. I’ll bet we don’t see them again for many a day. Grrrr. So that’s it. The BIG FIGHT. I won!


  1. Ladies, Ladies - such drama - must have been the heat!

  2. Cinnamon says: Our human uncle says its the political climate that is stressing everyone including us!

  3. Us cats get into it, but mostly it's just a lotta noise.


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