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#12Bravecto - Find Out Why Cinnamon the Coonhound Never has Fleas or Ticks

Hi. It’s me, Cinnamon. I’ll bet you wonder why I never, never get fleas or ticks? Well, believe it or not, it’s because of a tasty chewable extended duration flea and tick control that I only take every 12 weeks? And I have it with my food. Yep, it’s true

Flea and Tick free Cinnamon
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When I was first adopted in Santa Fe, New Mexico we thought the state of the art flea and tick control was this messy green stuff that my owner had to squeeze on to my skin. We tried that and my owner got so much of it on her hands she thought she’d be the one protected from fleas and ticks, not me! And what she could squeeze onto my fur, didn’t always get down through my thick hair to my skin. And what did, probably got rubbed off when I went into the house to roll on her beautiful Zapotec rug to get it off!
I hang out in the woods as much as I can
So we were glad when we moved to Vancouver, Washington and met our current vet, Dr. Scott Kepner. He reviewed my medical history, checked me out and said that he prescribed BRAVECTO® (Fluralaner). He set up an account with a mail order service so our owner, who can get rather busy, doesn’t forget to give it to us on time.
BRAVECTO chews are dosed according to your dog's weight.
Francesca and I both get our flea and tick prevention in the mail just at the right time when the dose is due. We encourage dog owners (dogs must be fully grown) to take their dog to the vet so that they can begin flea and tick prevention with BRAVECTO and ask your vet if they work with a service that sends it out automatically.

Oh no! It's a flea!

In case you don’t know, fleas are the most common parasite found on dogs and cats and can be a major problem for the whole family because they bite people too! Fleas can carry serious diseases, some even life threatening. One reason I think I don’t get fleas is because BRAVECTO is long lasting. The flea’s life cycle is long and those monthly treatments may leave gaps in protection, allowing a re-infestation of your dog and your home. It can take several months to get rid of those little buggers once you get them. Yuck!

I'm all for playing in the grass but don't want to get one of these ticks on me!
And then there are ticks. Now I like to run through the grasses at the dog park and in the countryside. Ticks hide in there… I just know it.  BRAVECTO kills ticks (black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick) for 12 weeks.  Bravecto also kills lone start ticks for 8 weeks. If you have ever gotten a tick you know how hard they are to remove and that hurts!

My owner says the best part of using BRAVECTO is that she has pretty much forgotten what it’s like to see a flea or a tick on Francesca or on me. We just don’t worry about it anymore. That means more time at the dog park and going for walks, even in tall grassy areas.

And, just between you and me… I love the taste of it. I gobble up my dose before even touching the kibble when my owner puts it on my food. 

Ask your vet about BRAVECTO on your next visit.      

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